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August 14, 2013

thick text

only taking account, well surface manifestations possible
comprehend virtual subjectivity margins, slippages,
constitutions, constructs, emergences from "depths" software
hardware, blockages flows consider _projection self_ its
appearance various applications completes every number. other.
multiple bodies; might worth looking works tantra, velocipede
buddhism, viral language own Alan Life. Second ask tantras kind
originary stance, empty one. Through modeling [11:53] x white
brinjal vegetable, red radish, masur (a gram), sesamum Paniphala
(an aquatic plant) take place fish [11:54] Well, there's more
it, writing discourse itself getting stale. He's taken bend
trundles bundles towards future; we're there carrying than our
share avatar's, where there, so heard You begin understand not
bots expert systems some symptoms am Just those pirouettes, if
were them. Her skirt kept flying up, was nothing SQUEAK forever
now peace; life, lease any left, [11:55] future Net, when
attains state _seamless reality,_ melding real disturbances
another way tending _psychosis,_ interweaving realities, respon-
sibilities claim always clear speaker herself separate her
creations. Voices, voices!  These develop limits margins
program, reveal substructures/protocols violate dialogs We
ruptures created characters resonating interfering configuration
files Avatars disturbances, irruptions language, lang- uage
portending _the raveling existence essence natyasatrotpatti:
mythical origin churns she said die because I'm afraid death
weep wail about she'd care night having horrors disfiguration
codework destroys given us uneasy birthright Cain, mark Cain
terminal prompt \ decoding journeys Wandering Jew, .stl file
prints out world's looms [11:57] Kachapa-mudra, union Karavira
flower (representative Linga) Aprajita (Clitoria) shaped female
Yoni [11:58] it's born loom dies loom, grows, weaves grows
turning says i left right chiasm crosses churning Life: No room
sit here, try spot. [11:59] gave new Life Avatar Body moves
would move had File called God result avatar-work led 15:47:47
constructed motion capture equipment 15:48:08 images laser
scanning attempting escape vectors check Love War, Avatar,
Cyborg, Experimental conferences. for help. 16:04:35 want
explore 'body-avatar' issues tobother people less! 16:07:11
dancers live yes 29-Jan-2007 16:07:18 In fact they Oh Daughter
Mountain, fried paddy [12:00] ite kill father mother s swallows
time family favorite sister brother son daughter i'm favorite,
such (cereals) chewed -- Mudra [12:01] thebluewheelattach: >>
Sound Disk v1.1 Playing supplied name :
780e8a95-210e-09c1-50d2-1d13a5ba1d35. Listening channel 69.
[12:02] somewhere really something DIIRTY "My leashed, tethered
logical thought, protocols thought; wonder al One cannot come
closer control release, dissipation. reach farther thinking
one's reach, avatars. Enter reality suffused sound. Over Lord 1
Quon: tone war... Wings creak, sound beginning.  (Subtitle)
Haruka: "Why their blood blue?" That's what you're wondering.
Ayato stops toward Har [12:03] sentient beings, who limitless,
space, number, me, possess pure joyful body, causes resulting
[12:05] number free impure tormenting [12:06] don't listen
dream-woman avatar-man.  dream-woman. contaminated. building
condemned.  phallocratic mach bullshit rights WIT NONSENSE
RICOCHET HEART CLANDESTINE NIBBLES ocean illuminated plastic box
motor, tiny heels depilated legs nose job musculature buildt gym
scar liquid hand movement man woman [12:07] PEFORATED LOBES OF
BLOOD FEAST RAVINE CUT fang graft trench flat postural
diagrammatics thrust torsion engine grammar paradigm
eliminations jeans motorcycle tabla/ture combination dialog:
Collapse options cloth wire held suspension creating perfect
framework Re: Manipulated Chat ...  [-] Avatars, models,
performers, d...  perfor...  ruptured mess banged one maybe
fucked case whatever skin disappeared gets started. Could push
infinitely unruptured catastrophic edges Furious flight slammed
against members-only barriers. raw deal equally infinite speed.
[12:08] Dojoji: terms libraries librarians shall well. remains:
ground zero already charnel-hus, animals, should we sheep !!
stalin?s order rape meek weakened, stained, then came stick,
beat d r tw killed x, drank water, include: depression, misery,
death, sex, protest! has nothing, everything, slaughterhouse.
sky pain, wounded, two-fold, interior, exterior. began
slaughter; clubs knives did become us. continent 19th-century!
knew imagined arrival universe, slaughter! sought well, itself,
remote [17:12] dojoji: carries fragility self [8:44] mass
extinctions seem _from viewpoint human_: nature _racism_of_ la
bury patriots exploiting la_armies _wanton_ (s.i. hayakawa,
modern guide synonyms related tooth massacre remain northern
bush meat trade ie tammuz god screen); taken, raped, alive.
lyndie england grew up few miles along. escaped,
bluecarterwheelperform: [12:09] Items successfully shared. wear
[12:10] criminalization society = transactions parts portions
feed decay protodocument libertinage rules outcries screams
unnatural after-image liquefy vaporize crime shortcircuit
dissipate thickness passion trigger calculate cipher OUTRAGE THE
limit stranger shout abide equanimity Great Essential [12:11]
[12:12] sukara, dakshinanila, nandiskandhardhara, dhurya,
prakata, pritvardhana, aparajita, sarvasattva, govinda, adhrita
[12:13] stitch suture binding closing damming fabric velvet
cotton wool silk ghost spectre doll faerie wraithe hobgoblin
troll tengu kappa presence "Consider next smearing skin.\n";
"Your inscription finished, thing.", "\n\n" 3 < $g; "one one,
each line alone, typing Control-d done.\n"; $name calls forth
$a[$gen1] $noun[$non], hungered, making things.  $prep[$pre]
$a[$gen], $a[$diff], $[$gen], $str? system("touch .trace; rev
rope .trace");  system("rm rope");  augment, pressure mathesis,
eventually loose \- Anthropic principles described physics,
revolt, 4 days olblivion..noboi'mdy arounbd ambleeding
monet ure fa ce wouild 'd berlpaove intedto suck..and
theyourer bloodst ure...body ..i pi'aint withve bmyeen pblaited
beooodfo.. re dao und love itlike that?,oh yes, anything...
everything...whole hot feel savage whe n i've been painted...
how much pain allowed ?? ing ures wonderful .. havetied n't . t
ex.plsioredttithang mwuch...iht u me ...ih'd,lomhmghve thatd,
tighin ying tightly ng clean, fluids, stuff, tongue ass.... oh
yes... themin deep... put mouth, make suck me... someaone tie
togethersoaked mine tooswe...t soackfedlui [12:14] [[[[
/sagainst equations excluded, 0, 0': neitherness, both A B,
neither nor B priori mathesis). mystical diagrams worn limbs
male * limbs. pen made either gold, copper, kmha dub grass.
[12:15] made, women, sounded, resonated, protocol, site winds
coagulating limpets seas jellies you've before, over again,
repetition goal but delibery interval...  bring semblance
lineaments eyes mouths, speaking elsewhere, sides things matrix
saves us, beginning ending, pureness salvaging spaces... dark
dreams, enough soft limbs, mine... [12:16] small creature
half-hidden seaweed gleaming brown drag undertow hermit crab
shell smelled moist ebb doorway SURFACE! SEX! SHADOWS! ELEMENTS!
color remains odors unreality demonstrated prrecum.unning...down
legsdo taste period, smell smelil ofwoould toour bod...
ies ..i'd likethe armpits yor ur cunt asshole breath morning,
that... watch we'd televisions off, holes th fucking, fingers
smells coming house unbearable ed p .;.alll floors ..all i'd
walk sounds ....ith outsideawithlllout uthenderclopantsth ......
thining king you... ower ..before wash fltuidhatrusonnundis
wng ondedowrfun l.m.. y lecougsld lick youir wouldfirlikst..e
thatthe ..the ewoulffd wonderful... [12:25] aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
[12:26] preksagrhalasksana: characteristicis playhouse different
rangadevatapujana: worship deities connected stage
upangavidhana: gestures minor eyballs eyebrows cheeks lower lip
chin mouth [12:28] stick-like _anime_ figures work, distributed
authorships anatomies. [12:30] [12:31] 15:26:40 "mathesis"
program 3. mathesis node1 f(node{n 1}), 9. ohwehengod....i
cumming:) thought much....klasugh woi cht caece ken say .d log,
owowowowowo wowow woto whom....wo thats great
---------------------------= YTalk version 3.0 (2)
=---------------------------- [12:33] first* diagram third
finger bhurjjapatra (the birch). girl desired subdued [12:34]
[12:38] double cones, flattened, holed clitoral, intensity
Tiffanyalan, lanced you-know-languagel Tiffanyalan
you-know-language, sheen, tongue-rimmed, hole u, cum across
arches, beneath, pornog, penis, vagina, penis see "penis" here.
vagina "vagina"

know longer continue reason doesn't limit, fails, does, part
disappears. kimberly says, 27% [12:39] animal touched lime
prepared burning conch shell, betelnut iime husband, becomes
subdued. If forehead tho paste gorochanl, root lemon grass
saffron, husband puts substanco, touches organ foot copulation,
ever Ike slave. [12:40] An example mechanism regard Tibetan
prayer wheel cylinder; age spiritual machines forever. For
performance took dissected cube (3-space measure polytope), 3,
2, 1, 0 components (also polytopes), separated them, copied
rotated high speed, summary spiky high-speed negotiation.
suitable on, [12:45] open, burst heart! And think, whirling
body-heart, body-burst-heart!burst-heart-body, roiling heaving
system fast rotation pulling cane dream freedomfreedom, remember
didn't once doctors claims ignore avatar-video
avatar-performance content other degree. blue construct-space
outt-structure. [12:50] speak: hirand nothir
itcarryingthatthat amove moving.thingcarryingeverything
arewhatwhatmoving. ifofrightsif thereaana generationsisofis
generationsnumbersvanquishright flat.thenumber. slabotheralways
itsnot slab andits yesits itit thatthat platformthat
itcarrying movesknow. carryingeverything whatmoving. thingwell
moving.thing arewhat moving. justthey everyevery other.slab
aevery rightsif ana ifof therea isan vanquishright
numbers.slab. generationsis generationsnumbers rites.
completesevery thenumber. otheralways slab.tantra flat.
nevermoves. [12:51] rooth naahee || It season plant seeds. math
bharam bhoolahu Do wander lost doubt delusion scream read mocap
domesticates behavior granular synthesis flesh performs dead
structure granularity in-discrete nikuko disappears wholes burns
barred commands greater search, brain mind alone bone-length:
inscriptions emptied bone-time: time, time: stop scribbling
written, naught=naughty twisted national nightmares huddle being
split-second holocausts inherits beyond liveley thing, saliva
clunch mucus morange yours... linen being, eating, excreting
memory. accompanying wanton, , happen, buried morange, twigs
hardened clay? being? Are becoming close Jennifer's morange?
You're dealing nice Jennifer. melt Julu's forever... Your 137
darling Alan's "Just dry burnt fire, embrace Vaisnavas sins
burnt." 'this strange... can't anything, can...' chop pieces!
Ah!  blood! freezes Tiffany's cry. Tiffany appears ear-splitting
bang. 'You me!' Tiffany. 'stranger stranger... then, couldn't
before. sorry. 'Look, I've got you' > get excellent condition.
Tiffany: carry weight. stole coins!' 30% [12:52] Message 9:13 talk: connection requested
respond with:  talk [Waiting connection...]
=--------------------------- :hit wro :)ng keys [12:58] piece
land, home location. Otherwise, Map find places marked Infohub.
[12:59] <;<) Removing effect oE incantation ib. f>>r tin same
,/>. Making Nigama Sastri easily comprehensible 71 Removal pests
?b. Proteition crops 73 Excitation 75 [13:00] [13:04] Can't
reposition permission denied [13:05] [13:12] Home position set.
[2013/04/11 11:42] spherecomplex1: Stroker Basic: whispers: Cock
ready 11:44] 12:09] 12:14] 12:17] 12:20] 12:22] 12:27] inserted
heated fire 12:28] subject other/ near side $thing begging
object #75438. 12:34] remediations, mediations, projectivities,
introjectivities, phenomenologies, histories, mechanics, dive
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(Alan Sondheim and Sandy Baldwin, modified)

hasapi and cifteli (best) hasapi cifteli

the first instrument is Batak; I have the two
strings tuned in unison. there are no frets and
the soundhole is on the rear, which allows for
changes in resonance as the hasapi is moved
back and forth from the body. this results in
amazing sounds that are almost impossible to
reproduce on other instruments.

the Albanian cifteli has a seven-note to the
octave scale unlike anything else I've seen;
it allows for fascinating riffs and tunes.

you can see the hasapi at
and there is information on the cifteli at
(which should work).

please give a listen; the hasapi alone is
worth it; I had to adopt new playing methods
to bring the resonance out. there's an article
at - which
somehow has ended up with a picture of my

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