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August 21, 2013

Strangers by the Numbers

My own conscience is clean. If I am told that somewhere there
exists a young man who has talent, I myself will do what I can
for him. Nothing could be more agreeable to me than to be told,
when somebody is introduced to me: "Here's a man of rare talent
Perhaps one day he'll be the Fuehrer of the nation." (Adolf

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t3t5l str5ng2rs, [STDs?] str5ng2rs! th2 k4ndn2ss 3f str5ng2rs!",
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t3 c3mm1n4c5t2 w4th str5ng2rs 4s, 4n r25l4ty, th2 "Th2 S3cr5t4c
2ff3rt t3 c3mm1n4c5t2 w4th str5ng2rs 4s, 4n r25l4ty, th2
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5l42ns/str5ng2rs h2r2, n3 C3m2 5nd g2 m5m5, c3m2 5nd kn3ck!
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t5lk m2!'T4ff5ny.'str5ng2r str5ng2r... th2n, c31ldn't b2f3r2.
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str5ng2rs, 5nd c3ns4d2r th2 r4s4ng 1n1s15l c3nstr1ct43n, t5l
5lm3st l4k2 5 str5ng2r, th2n f5m4l45r, th2n 5 wh3m 5ddr2ss 5nd
r2c3gn4 4s cr1c45l wh2n str5ng2rs c3ll4d2 4n th2 why sh31ld sh2;
5 str5ng2r 3r K5z5y4n, 5l42n, sh2 w5s m5k4ng h2rs2lf f2lt w4th4n
th2 q15nt1m d3m54n? 3f th2 str5ng2r ch5r5ct2r4st4cs 3f 31r wr4t2
t3 str5ng2rs, d3 y31 wr4t y31, th2 b251t4f1l str5ng2r 3f S4mm2l
wh3m Kr4st2v5 l3v2s. Sh2 5lw5ys

My whole life can be summed up as this ceaseless effort of mine
to persuade other people. (Adolf Hitler)

Notice of premonition -

Hi - we're leaving NYC by October 23rd, moving to a small loft in an
historic building in downtown Providence near four used bookstores,
coffeehouses and various performance spaces. We tried to stay in NYC,
looking in Kensington, Clinton Hill, Fort Greene, Jackson Heights,
Forest Hills, the Lower East Side, etc., and ended up having places 
would take longer for approval (if we ever got it) than the three 
we were given to clear out of Dean Street. We thought about renting, 
that's also a problem since we'd lose sufficient money that we 
buy at the end of the period and would generally be stuck. We're 
money in Providence and will have a car and be able to get back to 
NYC and
elsewhere whenever. Btw we also looked in Austin and Omaha and made 
feeble attempts at Canada. Providence is beautiful, Brown and a bunch 
other schools are here and I've lived here before and we have friends 
the area. And guess what! Donovan's playing in the coffee house! Come
visit! love, Alan and Azure, wish us luck!

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