The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

August 31, 2013


Kenneth Rexroth on Henry Miller writes of Celine: "I have been
in the neighborhoods Celine describes. They simply aren't that
awful." But the Jews are awful, and the USA wants everybody to
be Jewish. Celine got it wrong; the Jews aren't awful and he was
writing "a work of art" (Rexroth). But Rexroth wasn't writing
about that period and Celine wants everyone in the USA to commit
suicide. That's a possibility. I think we ought to police the
world and annihilate our prisons. Annihilate. The French are
awful, so are the Syrians, Egyptians, Chinese, Iranians, Iraqis,
North Koreans, and Russians. Or there are some among them awful.
Awful = offal and it's dirty among others. The world heats up,
hurricanes and fires burn and flood, leaving dirt behind where
wars are fought. Heat is the arena of the suicide bomber. Heat
is the molecular transformation. Henry Miller got the dirtiness
of sex right but not the distribution of power. Gender might
apply to gamelan. The Jews speak funny and we are arrogant and
cut under the sinews of language and propriety, notes Cuddihy.
Who was Anais Nin? What kind of a name is that? Women travel,
men unravel. We drone over fires and wars, we drone among the
creations of deterritorializations to the limit, that is our
"we" is in respect of the boundaries of the dreams of others.
It's awful among anyone. To quote a friend, "I don't like
people, they hurt me." But I am hurt among myself and its
sovereign. The lack of freedom. Du lac. I drove over it.

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