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September 8, 2013

Hi - my phone has crashed completely and I can't be reached at the 347- 
number for the next week; if you want to call me or Azure, please use 
718-813-3285. The new phone's on order but won't arrive for a bit.

Thanks greatly, Alan, piece below -


Three images with mysterious signs

I made these years ago, maybe a decade; I found them on some
floppy disks I was going through. No idea what they mean or
represent at this point; they stand mute in this country of
old men going to war. I'd want to believe they'd bring an
end to all that, but it's lies.

Cosmote (best)
  hotchiku, shakuhachi, Garuda lute
  Garuda lute

among havoc and riots and loud traffic and rumbles,
moments of speech thwarting the rest of the world.
the name 'Garuda lute' is my own for an unidentified
South-East Asian fretless lute in the shape of
Garuda; I'm using two strings much in the manner of
the cifteli.

there's a lot to say about these pieces but they
speak and breathe for themselves.

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