The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

September 15, 2013

rings and targets < wait for it >

rings clash with rings, rings follow rings
such a storm
we never saw the likes of it in 1972
fires and suicides followed
soldiers too and a president nixon
ducking his own destiny

rings nd trings
nd trgets
nd t
soldiers too nd soldiers too
nd  president nixon
  president nixon
  president nixon

intervals, silence (best)

qin, hotchiku, erhu, sarangi

for Leslie Thornton and meandering among her
suggestions, short pieces which also fulfill
intervals, silences, the hotchiku (a kind of
natural shakuhachi) with voice summoning the
spirits which follow me everywhere, they say
why summon, we are with you always, there is
none without us, and you, are none without -

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