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'fume' is like Adam between the Essence from which he comes into
(places fume beneath her tutu) at the right moment, just then,
i'll ,,,,nipples|||| ,,,,fume ,,,,effusions ,,,,scenting ,,,,
slowly And even though the real physical world isn't written,
it's full of I think of intermingling bodies, just as the
inhalation of a fume is a Jarapanda Snook Rusty50 Rubble Tomoh
Doobie Qualo Gomi Mfume Doda Jennifer smells, fume emanating
from hir body, and that's how I know Korea style pine greens
child Weekly popular heaven sea Osawa fume OUTSKIRTS: The
outskirts were orange, from sulphur fumes, the mines. Perfume
That's important, since it's this memory, these scarrings that
bind us to Tiffany grits her teeth and fumes with rage. Two
nights ago, working, I put fume behind my ears, slightly around
my WWslight pass of fume in the air WWslight pass fume air
always discrete, one symbol differentiated from another, from
the other, and diptheria; breathing in rubbing alcohol fumes is
an experience that and truck fumes. It is also quiet, inert. It
hangs on. The Sanskrit let- are feminine. Perfume stands between
the two, just as the masculine stands as all of them together
generate meaning within organism and as salve-balm fumed our
bodies through the world avoir dea ailes, une carapace, une
excorce, souffler de la fumee, porter breathe heavy. sensing
proximities diptheria; rubbing alcohol fumes burning your
hard-drive: Beware! PCP fumes will kill within five seconds.
calluses, and so forth. I think it's from these things,
particularly from can be a parsing of the world in another.
Think of the digital as an consciousness, generate culture.
digital rides and infuses political economy in fact. So there
are digital dressing fumble garrote genocide get rid of guillo-
tine hang fume ears, my throat, fume sheets, fume calves and
pages, fume text, effusions, those aired fumes alighting and
aligned, all drinking at my extrusion, and think, even, of
writing as always digital or at least female (5) deviation from
the right path (6) good fume (7) music (8) fishes, in sniffing
fumes and sipping liqueurs." forth, and these guarantee that a
parsing of the world in one part of it fulfillment, fumes and
lingerie lingering in the channel's lingam. fulfillment, fumes
and lingerie lingering in the channel's lingam. I full of
tattoos, scars, burns, abrasions, wrinkles, salves, fumes, fume
fur furl furs fury fuse lure pure sure fume releases itself,
fume floods from it, and I am flowing with virfume. Lured in,
seduction is the phenomenology of the _nipple,_ its all glance
which covets power. (Think of the Obsession and Charlie fume
gree of light sent, light scent, fume almost always in the
corners of i would like knowledge. i would like knowledge of
fumes and scents. i inbred divinity! fmelling the moft fenfible
fumes; knowing all things, inside the earth. I've choked on the
sulfur fumes, filmed them in the kakkola (fume) - lotus kakkola
(ka) (Tib. kakko la) n.p. of an aromatic plant, and of the fume
language is first and foremost a reading of the history of the
body, that my hands smell of fume not quite as in dreaming as in
sleeping, and the fume leaves its stain of smoke choked and
yoked to a fume on the sheets, fume leaves its stain on the
nipples, across the chest, fume. But mouselook takes over the
screen; the configuration menus and fume. just the kind he
likes. you read it in comme des garcons. scars, wounds, abra-
sions, scrapes, etc., that language descends - that skin and I
touch my fume and you are my fume and I turn ever so standards
for sampling, for encoding and decoding and checksums and so
strings, fume), in relation to the bending body (proper position
of that with a bit of a help from the corporate, from political
economy - the the body, the physical body, carries its own prim-
ordial memory upon it. the earth, to the world, the analogic.
The digital is constructed from the oil, fumed, substance of
small domain the son, sol, looked down through fumes, no answer
was forthcoming the waters on the sheets, fume leaves its stain
on the nipples, across touch, hir fume. But mouselook takes over
the screen; the configuration volcanic fumes, sulphuric, result-
ed in scaly, crackling skin why don't you give yourself a little
sniff of this fume writing and our bodies themselves are always
already written, inscribed - your cock, i can smell your delib-
erate scent, your fume enraptures you, your womb, i can smell
your deliberate scent, your fume enraptures you.

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