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September 25, 2013

kes rel's cavil

he ravel!  o e, he devil chas he dark ravel and dark and kes rel
morn - he devil chas he devil's mark, hark!  he devil's mark,
hark!  e, ravel!  o ravel!  o he "he, she, i ales he dark morn,
he lark is chas he "he, she, i he morn unborn, he devil's mark,
hark!  he devil, dark! hark, mark lark - kes e:  e, has e;  he
e;  e:  sails ales fail, rails sail; i e chas he dark morn, he
devil, dark! hark, mark lark - kes he o ravel - hark e forlorn;
e and shorn she rails wi ravel ravels ravel ravels he devil's
lark, so chas ravel and dark and kes ravel and dark and kes h
cavil; mark, in has he devil's lark, so chas o ravel - hark rel
morn - e forlorn;  ravel and dark and kes

morn the - the the - the dark - the tales the of the dark travel
tales dark travel! of dark travel! travel tales travel! o of o
the travel o the travel! o the! o o the! the the the the the
devil the the devil devil the devil chaste, the! devil the the
chaste, morn devil chaste, unborn, the chaste, the morn chaste,
the unborn, the the the morn "he, she, unborn, "he, it," the
"he, the "he, "he, the she, she, "travel it," she, dark!"
"travel it," dark!" dark!" it," dark!" the the dark!" devil's
"travel the mark, dark!" the hark! devil's the the mark, devil's
the hark! devil's the the mark, tales unborn hark! tales the the
tales lark tales tales lark unborn unborn is the unborn chaste;
is the chaste; chaste; the chaste; tales lark chaste; travel is
tales the chaste; tales dark tales tales morn, the travel morn,
dark travel the morn, the the morn dark the forlorn, morn, the
worn, the the worn, morn morn shorn. forlorn, morn sail shorn.
forlorn, sail sail forlorn, sail the worn, the devil, shorn. the
dark! sail the hark, the the mark dark! devil, mark hark, devil,
lark mark dark! lark - hark, lark kestrel mark lark waste, lark
lark waste, - - haste kestrel - chaste: waste, kestrel chaste:
chaste: kestrel chaste: travel waste, travel ravels haste travel
the chaste: travel cavil travel travel of the ravels of cavil
ravels the of the the the cavil the the of the tales the devil;
tales devil; devil; fail, the devil; rails tales the rails rails
the rails sail; tales sail; it fail, sail; sails rails sail; the
sail; sail; devil's sails it devil's the it lark, devil's sails
lark, lark, the lark, chaste the lark, and lark, so and so so
shorn chaste so she and chaste she she chaste rails rails and
rails with shorn rails cavil; she rails mark, rails rails in
with with in mark, with haste in cavil; haste haste mark, haste
worn, mark, haste he in and he and and fails worn, and to he
worn, to to worn, ravel ravel he ravel - fails ravel hark to
ravel the ravel ravel waste - - waste the - forlorn; waste hark
forlorn; forlorn; the forlorn; the the the of waste the of the
the travel tales the and of tales and travel tales dark dark of
dark and travel dark kestrel and dark morn dark and - and and -
morn and - kestrel morn morn -

Joy of Music (best)

Chris Diasparra, tenor sax
Alan Sondheim, electric saz

saw! say "sax, saz!"!

We hadn't played in a while. This is beautiful,
done on the spur of the moment with Chris' new
sax. Apologies for the slight under-recording;
we just set up and started in.

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