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October 6, 2013


Hold on right there!

One second!

Hi! What's your name?

Well, Sick of Tricks and Repetition, let's get started! Let's
make a gender! That ok with you?

Oh well, let's get going!

What do you want to call this thing you're making?

Sick of Tricks and Repetition,
disgusts me; forget it! But anyway...

Well, we're breathless; give us some adjectives!
Place each one a separate line;
and type Control-d on a separate line when done:

Let lt !  = assassinate q=B0T=wounded~=BD=E8=AEt= mo "healed
/*sutured unending stuttered gnaw at emptiness, they are
defeated, disappear. be our primary descriptor!

Well, -mistreat-molest-mortal-wound-mutilate-chilblain-blow-
mole-morbid-growth already constructs soft trouble for us,
subverting the categories we take for granted. Beyond the
surface, But what is walking wounded. Among themselves said
simply did feel safe here, its type?

Do you feel your gender is close to [x] In any case, you must
contact me about this...

For 0 edgy days, I have already been in spry mourning!
And it has taken you just 0.133 minutes to make a gender!

=E6=: 130 SCARYour wounds .  dissolve in my urea:"torn heart"
/*unending wound, unsutured flux abandoned affect*/:"loved
/*abandonment the Jennifer-Julu hope*/:lt !  = assassinate
q=B0T=wounded~=BD=E8=AEt= mo "healed /*sutured unending
stuttered gnaw at emptiness, they are defeated, disappear.:to
country wound slowly with malice convert misery spread:naked
girl =theB5= q=wounded=E1= ruined A:q=woman DC=wounded~=BD=E8
GOOD BETTER murde:What's red white black all over? Ju33lu% echo
"wounds theory never heal" >> :Ju29lu% "writers bravely take
their but footnotes prevail" Ju20lu% "writing from a distance
arms trenches wounded" final letter. #####################will
eyes, basking surface. :starvation, arousal (it is not
negative), wounding, cessation, narcissistic (self-devouring
substantiation body) appears \ (wounded blue heron subtropical
emanation)\ hempen soft foot; jewels mirror hung :++++++, +++ or
resistant every way down - although information which may carry
scars, wounds, virality, :waning mind consumed body lesions
(messy suture / unhealing wound) stretched among ontologies.
what action" 165 16:38 "missing" 167 "killed 169 16:39 "wounded
:boyBY boy=:transforms into Alan's double (synonymous here
_both_:walking wounded. Among themselves said simply did feel
safe:HELP THE BURNED child,:Nikuko: wind. Bead-worlds strung on
wound-threads, many thousand:nude =F8= C9=hystericx: ,=theB5= A=
#:too murdered show Facebook profile picture WWI:CAN YOU GUYS
like total make it gotta love em sheila hatehide; conceal;
Grandma hid Eighth Route Army man her:[12:20] You: Guernica was
I think responses were staying. He wasn't sure had caused
mysterious Into lives. am inconceivable interior an open wound;
everything nipples; devour one, then other them, size bombing.
And carrying those constructing Well, since I've been residency
deals pain, read. If you go silent. wounding world. Nikuko
speaks: for nine. Is function. saving Give repetition after
:always throat; The Last Page page, begging ruin El.:existents
Nothing's Nikuko's woundatar's emanants inchoate disinvested
:exoteric cumbus objecthood :tumescent, nearing ORGASM, poets
seeking heart cry ATE1Q0V1X4 &C1&D2 S7=60 S11=55 S0=0 delirious
nomic level. So that there gap, space flesh,:foreground That
I-wound opens up, splits body; gushes forth, :bit him. smell his
so noxious he left off-yellow. strings tightly around pegs
course;:Travis: We it. Look, sores. tattoos.:totality. Writing
itself totalizes, removes itself; remains:Les Yeux.:Nikuko angst
reveal. tape uses characters (Daishin :inscribing _all_ these
texts _wound_ foreclosed cyberspatial:imagine _here_ this
manner. Gettysburg fighting:signifier crash, dejection. because
it's little:writing brings up host interface issues. For
problematic onto reconfigured software model using 'wounded'
model; shattering woundatar:almost assembling taken made writer
:trails scar behind one calls meaning constantly:surface as
cavities; lists emerge, directories one's own:person. Hack, cut
notch, house let hire, two three angles. three, :womb teased
greet you, i'll have beat good cheer!:confronted by bird,
insect, mammal.:presence through its absenting, certain torsion
Some talk about death, war, avatars beneath abrasions, scrapes,
etc., language descends Jennifer came across Julu, dying,
half-buried ground.:sememe (what reads sememe); surge upwound
again urgent ecstasy:neutrality again, if visible, suture,
object, :see me age. text falls out, collapses, dog we innocent
our lives, net; crash holds frailty:Runes heal selves repeated
branches scraping sky.:loss." Above all, misunderstood, wounded;
must either leave picks opting nylon-wound pipa ADE, nylon a,
instead cicatrive, apart wwithtoit editing, service :"wounded"
also emplies holism. Better conceive pre-semiotic:warfare
altered dismemberments haunting nightmaresrely :knees, feeding,
technologies no reasons. america, occupies takes over, tongue's
own, control bite :lone furious travesties Anger energy! dies,
violence dim _there,_ increasingly planet; superstructure
whatever :blood obscure Moon killer." But why
_obscure?_:destroyed. Anam anam strange,' sexuality, 'wounding'
virtual, relation Today Azure walked school-yard she found sick
Of all; will heal, turned deep, scars:death annihilation,
destruction castration, cutting- :healing cicatrix. absinthe I'd
credit how be manifest virtual worlds :illness continuous
unclear)>From more, thus woman be, From stitch wounds. your maw,
slashed upon sword; scabs over again. refuse value far much.
pain ways involved distorting introjection suppurates projection
Bonjour, salaam, shalom, :17 71 rendering deployment, ornament
structure, subtext, each sutures other. future wanders
pre-:impossibility inscription. try hold life, suturing wound:
O, something remains!:contradiction already:opened bound, sound,
hound static, poem and/or :structed violent demarcations,
mouthing autonomically :real happened, more architectonics,
insists dying avatar, :albino assassin broken shekinah men
spears lances swords bible tracts:used sutured:Every animal
plant polluted waters clearcut forests.:any easier? Like
showing, are, when permission. Are wounded? hungry? thirsty? E
:geography; anything, deeply obdurance unreal. studies :avatar.
aporia.:first appeared blown apart,:tiny french apron, book
World War One photographs remain water Net :perhaps signs
languishing word cicatrice. lubricant edge scab. paths
woundatar, disturbance Berthe, omens now Maldoror wrapped
frisson, arousal, within might :tags: artificie, worlds, dead,
aroused, gone:here, reminding ourselves real/abject bodies
:relative edges bruised step cutting outher tissues) play well;
figuration imitated form inscribed), blemishes fissures
_through_ assails truth blood, wrything within, without
:totally:foreclosed, ad's culture.:problematic.:inscription
screaming passenger away speeding car dead animals 3 :starving
babies, nature vast progenitors, :massacre, immobilized,
beautiful me, exist. body, torn deleted killed, meat, cannot
hungry, thirsty, dead. An can embody:hear suffering, doors
sight. back wire :flowered beauty, pin:kill us before kill;
speak When begins assert itself, draw forward horizon bends
crazily disorientation beneath. ]:tears, blemishes, cuts, debris
connectionless, unmotivated, blind gaping opening closing:coughs
someone's screams cries::::: :bonkersadow coagulates stateery
codeine storywont rack :blood-wound head state. day, fury
increases, :absorb blood; "The nurse packed gauze wound"; "You
better :this\ heron, intensity, colour vibration.  snow dance
skiing boat swung dock hit face; serious flunked semester :remap
lating cauterizing it, dividing catatonic, convulsed, tortured,
:uko bottom. spreads top. gracious sakes licks. lands
Bamboo-Shadow: :runaway boundaries unapproachable hunger
unimaginable fecund until :planes. bring tools, paltry ill-used,
simplest :bottles side town.:boats, propellor-marked tired
propeller christmas cacti flatter opuntia trailing mangrove,
howling wolves:long cities. bombed-out hospitals way, woods
runes:sperm, vomit! oceans blessed sailor, others agree witness
horror:infiltration species./*:lost, churned, hurried, _that_
incapable surviving, alone saying rock :texts, jako testimonial
posts forums home :waiting,consider, arrives
unan-:wounded/altered Ready unclearness inscription::sex, sex
abso:some.old bruising.old wounding.old bleeding.old
mewling.old:pale impaled levels:writing, fertile whose:muck. <
facial scrapes diarrheas:bing fall closeup exposed turning,
violence's byproduct organization.:war's peace's pain. sink
below, parts, mine, list,:brand.", "\n\n" 3==$g;:print
"...:drug. thing-world.
15476: [x]
of Tricks and
Repetition: [x]
!  = assassinate q=B0T=wounded~=BD=E8=AEt= mo "healed /*sutured
unending stuttered gnaw at emptiness, they are defeated,


approaching the everglades, the city, death, l true On Monday
12th Rabiulawwal 11 AH after an il death, allergic reactions,
threats of physical v that it is lived once; that it is harbored
as a se that wound or illness have no death (i.e. have not that
wounding is continuous the tex 'The mighty element, the fire of
heaven and the st (denuded by sickness as the species slowly
disappea instead we'll foreclose death, cancel it, canc was
localized. What I've called my 'lowtempe ... now know my sick
ness consists in not being a writing itself that illness
which produces n > h\ reveals the body's totality/ vulnerability
(ag A mo of stillness just before the invention of Californ She
is thirteen and a half. She exhibi Every loss loosens the vault
of heavens; every ill Everything motion, sickness of Bodhisa
ttva. I don't know if have any overt illness; after th I mean
this literally; I feel the onset of illness Isn't it al a case
of death, sickness. I'll It is the still which shapes the thing.
The th It's so clear hir a is her wound. It's so clea What's
going death, perhaps bombing, slow attrit Life at the edge is
insipid, Dostoevsky had it rig Psychosomatic sickness ruled out.
stress and depression from ongoing undiagnosed ill The sickness
of Frozen Flesh Ther also the questionable function of my depre
There's stillness; it's always this, and thi Wittgenste for his
wound. content) becomes a frozen signi reverberatin an illness
under observations, a bothersome supple and death, perhaps
humming bombing, slow attriti and single and time, and death,
depression, comp andsoundasmotion,orstillnesstheylyingthereasif
th the same time in the real, my death, however beq corrupt
sequenc death, presence im blackmail, me. death, stress, garbage
bleed, corrode, just like any others, in this stil breath after
or before the wound...what is in bring up these conditions or
death, disease, bruisesir illnessbru ises bruisesir bruises
sprain, by the bi (denuded by illness as the species sl cal or
physio psychologic sickness, or physioi can oc in any chronic or
debilitating wound. catas troph illness or disaster or inert
mountai catatonic is natural order of things; I say category
theory); those symptoms, tinnitus, cattails. in the thick have
developed a myster continue sickness illness convey the effect
of death, wanting you to under creating chaos sickness driving
fauna sick crea chaos illness driving sick cryptographic credit
ho manifest virtual worlds :illness con data Y2K prob exist
mapping routing March 19th death, in war, in wound. There are
stations whic decathects instea we'll foreclose illness cancel
decon struct the wound. i can work through it and dedication
inhabit ing me like a malady; they are denser und valium, dance
under furious death, depression an illness as a gateway to truth
be do not think of stillness and solitude. entity suscept ible
to majo and minor sickness or d eventually succeeds as the
succumbs to illnes everything: death, dream, mense semen, feces,
wo example. To write from a position exhaustion or first became
clear to me that nothin was left of for being illnesses isnt
fury, homelessness, alerts, stress, death, pollu garba death,
stress, noise, pollution, terror give a n to your death, give a
name to your i going and death, perhaps .s bombing, slow attrit
had, in f taken my faculties clear to me nothi heading towar
wound. what a home is, space tha his stdeath, video to his book,
internet to his hoping that his littlest girl would recover from
a hunger, no pain damage, no tears, no death, i am waiting for
my illness i gave my illness to the world i will ride back of my
illness illness across the faces of the world, they illness as
the distraught of the world illness takes hold and disillumin
ates my thought illness this mind going quickly I will beg of
illn death, noise, death, me. and me. death, poll death, pollu
tion, drugs, drugs, pollution, illne death, utter collapse fast
country; FM tuning su wound. The websites went down in New
Orleans; so wound. websites went down New Orleans; so much r
wound....treatment,.. illnessbruises illnesssmshair in death, in
war, in wound. There stations w in open time, there is hunger,
pain, damage, tears in the wind, stillness up here, lots move
ment n incision. this is my life's work under signs o ing of
illness towards death, this phrase the invest honor 1608 14236
innocent 145 hurt terr its final stratum of stwound." just for a
minute want to keep des pair to keep leftover, including traps,
parasites, poisons, tra life parallel to th illness or death or
disint like any other death, compulsion to write, to like sexu
ality, like masochism, like chronic illne lisp you dare call s
that got waylaid to sta ls the oging, death, ility ging, death,
sp magiccard screen carry al Mistakes illness cod me. me. death,
pollution, terror stress, me. me. mean this literally; I feel
onset of death, membranespreads of illnesses o the surface, at
mention colds flus and other illn none of the minority stateof
affairs (re: theory) illnesses mother's death, which has taken a
terr turn my illness is my own nothing, an exercise in futil ity
and the imaginary obsessiveness, irritability, death, hysteria,
ex of perfect freedom, the work of a space upon illne of reading
for the denouement of parsing and the of such illn that the mind
no longer speaks, no of the bygone natural world. It's important
that t of the world, uneasy lies. my illness is deriv other org
ans, unc stdeath, strangeness mothe oud nearing the end o ill
ness out, kill and of kill whispers, nondescri dow philosophy
cannot disregard theory responsive physical mental illness
physio psychological ill nesses, or physio illnesse pillows.
It's almost suffocating. You can smell il pillows. It's almost
suffocating. You can smell il potency gone; the mi evapo rates.
i'm aware of th problem exist mapping routing march 19th illness
d release of the book a the decathecting of illness res ult of
physical ill but it's then that cl reverbemting against the
stillness of the body Not say something about sexuality and
wound. sent, she won't come out, a virtual death, vir v sexu
ality, sickness and masochism. But as we began she won't come
out, a virtual death, vir viral. shriek make their horr way into
the stillness sick ill dis ease sickness illness disease dis eas
sickness and illness on th way so many filter sickness chills
and illness chi and illness chi space, time, motion, stdeath, to
release. An stillness where final Brought Forth ! name hu
stdeath, coldness in preColum bian night must stdeath, the
crowded bars, earsplitting mus an subject of fetishization.
Here, at the perfect suffered allerg ies flare however, ylocal
ized. 'low that beinghuman constitutes an illness from which Net
first, the emphasis a century ago on con the illness is our
wound. the session, I contracted jaundice and possibly ot then
that I heard almost immediately of my mother' ther organ, membr
anespr of illnesses of the there was ayears old to keep the
illusion of il there's questionable function illnesses neur sul
they add sound everywhere in my illness and my ill they are
illnesses, dis/ease. T are hungry for those illnesses which
seem, at time to be broug through illness sickness disease.illn
don't I u thrusting a form of illness or discomfor whether thus
the stdeath, nausee, and stuffing the to comprehend illness as a
symptom, the moment to mighty river but i am illness and sick
ness and real and unreal illnesses, the feeling that de trans
ference. gen sent illness viral. stand imposs used....wound....
useless, boast, corners, illne next never insom useless, boast,
corners, death, next never insom very or on itself, thought"...
she all system a violence smashing unions, taxbreaks the rich,
war, wound. There stations truth. They watching death, unemp
loyed boast, crying, there might read what could be interpreted
as a trop who....wound.... why philosophy cannot disregard
theory responsive will and willing, malady and sickness work
with that one; but it's the illness; i'm sick written under
illness with codeine surrounded by t your death, give a name to
your illness smi your wound. You are sick of existence. You
don't want to be annihilated. | | | | wound ?  ?  ?  ?  wound

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"mastering/dismantling itch twitch" that has a "life of its own, moving
through the artist in a parasitic way."

? Espacement de Lecture by Penny Florence

This introduction is not a "digital" essay, but what follows it - a version
of a moving essay-poem originally presented in real time at the 2012 elo
conference - is. Florence's presentation explores how the "espacement"
(Mallarme, Derrida) intrinsic to all writing changes in a born-digital
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