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Date: Sun, 6 Oct 2013 17:35:37
From: Davin Heckman <davinheckman@GMAIL.COM>
Subject: ebr news -- ghouls' night out edition


In the US, we are well into the season of bats, witches, and pumpkin 
spiced coffee drinks.  Though you cannot see the centaur costume I wear as 
I write this message to you, I do have some tricks and treats that you can 
enjoy: Simply click on the links in this email and indulge your 
intellectual sweet tooth. 

We have two new essays for you, plus an exciting addition to our p2p

Essays/texts being published this month

? Simultaneously Reading/Writing Under/Destroyed My Life by Maria Damon

Maria Damon reviews Alan Sondheim's Writing Under: Selections from the
Internet Text in light of the literature of John Fahey to demonstrate that
those texts, like her performative review of them, enact a
"mastering/dismantling itch twitch" that has a "life of its own, moving
through the artist in a parasitic way."

? Espacement de Lecture by Penny Florence

This introduction is not a "digital" essay, but what follows it - a version
of a moving essay-poem originally presented in real time at the 2012 elo
conference - is. Florence's presentation explores how the "espacement"
(Mallarme, Derrida) intrinsic to all writing changes in a born-digital
context. The work reminds us of something we anticipated early in the
formation of ebr - that 'critifiction' is and always has been the way to
make essays in the digital era.

Essays for review

Against Desire: Excess, Disgust and the Sign in Electronic Literature

To participate in our p2p review process, login with your reviewer account.
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It will have at the end a comment field and radio buttons, where you can
register an evaluation: ready for publication, or in need of further


Have a spooky month! 

Davin Heckman
Managing Editor

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