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October 7, 2013

Why Writing on the Move

Why writing on the move?
It's the thinnest mode of transmission, perhaps lower ascii
one of the thinnest of all, given the providence of low
code requirements - that is to say for example that the old
Morse dot-dash translates into letter and then the rest
follows - that is to say, most likely following Eco, a double

So that it can occur on the run, so that it moves path-wise
from internals to externals and then to the world and its
noisy semiological theoretics. But the first stage, that of
the writing while, for example, I'm attempting to sleep or
shuddering yet again at the end of a difficult day - the
first stage, like Speer on his walks, is an anywhere event,
providing of course any pain, physical or otherwise, is
sufficiently dull or somnolent to permit a field of thought
and thought's operations, entangled, at play.

So that it requires very little apparatus, as if speech
itself would do, in the absence of any other technology
pursuant to speech's preservation, or at least the gist of
speech, minus the acrobatics of emotion or voice or tonal

I think of this as the bringing-up of speech during the
move, or the movement of speech, bringing up the world
and its inhabitation.

And something which does not require an occasion, such as

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