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October 24, 2013

..anything into anything..
..all the greats have passed, de beauvoir, sartre, derrida
too, kristeva fading out.. even the communist party,
everything replaced by.. anarcho-dada marxism, juche idea..
then again, what i mean is.. the digital erases everything
.book about two hundred letters in length ..fully
erasable ..not a moment to lose ..think of hegel or kant
intense lore: minute detail.. concentration camps..
enumeration.. kim il sung.. reverence of big game hunter
t.r... i twerk, you twerk, they hook up.. maybe three
hundred letters.. black book enumerations, assange every government there are twenty percent who are
ready and willing to reveal everything ..feel the wires
..lacan for example ..imaginary perl ..symbolic
comments so for example compactification.. thick stuff..
badiou's next, i can feel it.. zizek rewrite barthes..
badiou's big message of truth and being.. another sartre
..freedom bound ..think schopenhauer, nietzsche, irigaray
someone else, on the tip of the tongue, they're all true..
number system's a schism.. indo-european thought and the
i.e. corpus and genre, forget everything you know
about ..this will revolutionize thought itself ..for
example biotek.. flourescence.. two hundred words,
huge amount.. anyone can do it.. release anything into
the air.. make a virus from lego, biomolecules, agar-agar
will do wonders.. what could darwin have been thinking
..must be somewhere around here ..vaihinger for example
deleuze and guattari ..the resistance ..ironclad
for heroes of a difficult sort, self-generating universe
..universes! ..something comforting in 200 pp.!
grows, longer, turn around, swallow itself.. domination
for example of freud, newton.. thought thinks thought.. the end a difficult stitch ..aphoristic data of
10^100 pages ..don't have to read them your
fingertips ..monuments, there were real monuments in
those days

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