The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

October 26, 2013

clubsaz (best)

we're living in downtown providence next to a club that seems
to have paid off someone in order to break whatever noise
rulings the city might have. or not, but we recorded 77.3 db
in our place with the windows closed, most of it in the bass
or in the upper-mid range of yelling crowds. so i recorded
cumbus saz against this, playing in the midst of or immersed
in, the rumble which is fairly audible on the track. i like
the result, although i'm not sleeping a lot of nights with
the windows rattling in the bedroom. in any case it enabled
me to do some experimentation with the saz, particularly with
left-hand fingering; i felt transported in the midst of the
double streams of sound. enjoy.

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