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November 4, 2013

I Ain't Livin' Long Like This

Dead & Alive, Dead Babies, Dead Flowers, Dead Is A Risin', Dead
Man, Dead Man's Curve, Dead Puppies, Dead Skunk, Death Alley
Driver, Death By Misadventure, Death Don't Have No Mercy, Death
Of A Clown, Death Of A Ladies' Man, Death Of A Salesman, Death
Of An Unpopular Poet, Death Of Hank Williams, Death Of Harry
Simms, Death Of Louis, Death Of Mother Nature, Death Of Queen
Jane, Death On Two Legs, Death Or Glory, Deathwish, Die Young,
Died For Love, Kill City, Kill For Peace, Kill Surf City, Kill
The King, Killed A Cat, Killer, Killer Cut, Killer Joe, Killer
Queen, Killer Without A Cause, Killer's Eyes, Killer's Instinct,
Killing Machine, Killing Me Softly With His song, Killing Moon,
Killing Of Georgie, Murder

ESP-Disk's Fiftieth Anniversary Concert!

Come if you can - so many of the musicians are amazing!

To celebrate the label's 50th anniversary, ESP-Disk' has planned a concert
for Sunday November 17 (3-9 PM) at JACK, a rising venue in Brooklyn.
Tickets are just $10! Featured performers will represent the past and
present of ESP-Disk': multi-instrumentalists Kali Fasteau (Sea Ensemble),
Giuseppi Logan, and Alan Sondheim hail from the label's 1965-75 heyday,
while guitarist Bruce Eisenbeil (TOTEM) and trio Tiger Hatchery
(ESP-Disk's latest signing) show that the scene and the label continue to
produce exciting artists. Additionally, former Sun Ra Arkestra member
Michael D. Anderson will perform, and the ESP-Disk' 50th Anniversary
Concert will benefit the Sun Ra Music Archives. The latter part of the
concert will be a jam session featuring a variety of guests.

JACK ( is a new arts center in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn led
by Artistic Director Alec Duffy (Three Pianos, Shadows). Its mission is to
serve as a cultural hub in Clinton Hill, presenting cutting-edge theater,
music, and dance performances, expanding access to the arts, bridging
audiences, and educating youth. JACK was co-founded in 2012 by Duffy, Mimi
Lien, Steve Leffue, Godfrey L. Simmons, Jr., Nikaury Rodriguez, Prentice
Onayemi, Ike Ufomadu, Amy Laird Webb, Jennifer Kidwell and Andreea Mincic.
OBIE Award-winning theater company Hoi Polloi is the resident company of
JACK. Steven Leffue, JACK's curator of music, put together the week-long
music festival of which the ESP-Disk 50th Anniversary Concert is the
closing event.

JACK is located at 505 1/2 Waverly Ave, Brooklyn NY 11238 between Fulton
St. and Atlantic Ave. in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. It is easily accessible
by taking the C train to the Clinton-Washington stop, one block away from
JACK, or the G train to Clinton-Washington, a few blocks away.  There is
also free street parking available on Waverly Ave.

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