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November 11, 2013

West Bio Logic Violin

'Face in this world, and back to the next world. anything else:
face, pangs of the righteous in this world and the tranquility
of the wicked in this world. , back and front, providing wages
of the righteous in the future and Foranotn of the wicked
Gehenna. , and write her wailing. nests that Foranotn of the
wicked in this world , thus: (notice) "Kina is and Konnoh
daughters nations darn it." and say it is providing wages of the
righteous in the future, it is written (Psalms Turtle) "me
decade to West Bio Logic violin." God is Foranotn of the wicked
world to come, is written (Ezekiel g) "Present the Present Tavo
and rumor rumor will." he would say, turned home from impurity,
and made ..Hezekiah king of Judah chair: (b) he would say died
from the community good sign for him. Bad sign of madness to
him. speech from good sign for him. Ominous silence from him.
Torah from good sign for him. From the words Merchandise bad
sign for him. mitzvah of anything good sign for him. From idle
nothing bad sign for him. joy good sign for him. Out of sadness,
a bad sign for him. worn out good sign for him. From crying bad
sign for him. died Friday evening good sign for him. Saturday
night is a bad sign for him. died on Yom Kippur bad sign for
him. Yom Kippur good sign for him: (c) when there was a Rabbi
Eliezer, that day was Friday evening. entered Rabbi Akiva and
his friends to visit him. And was asleep in his room, and they
who dwell in his parlor. entered Hyrcanus son to take off his
tefillin, and laid. And was crying. , and left Hyrcanus and said
to the wise: Gentlemen, it seems to me insane father. said to
him: My son, do not me mad, but you go crazy, resting the candle
lighting being convicted of her death, heaven, and you're
dealing tefillin that you commit to them but because the return.
because sages saw his right mind he went in and sat before him
afar four cubits. said to him: Rabbi, Quilt round, and Hcidor
and dummy and charm, and tefillin torn, what Mkblin impurity?
told them Mkblin impurity, and baptized them as they are, and be
careful that they are laws of large spoken to Moses at Sinai .
and would ask him Taharot impurity baths. said to him: Rabbi
What is this? told them unclean. - What is it? told them pure. ,
and would answer the impure impure and pure and unadulterated.
then said Rabbi Eliezer to the wise: I wonder students in the
generation that punished desolate. said to him: Rabbi from what?
told them: because he came and served me. , then said Akiba ben
Joseph: Akiva, why did not you come before the windshield Me?
said to him: Rabbi, I did not face. said him, wondering if I
should die the death of yourself. Others say he did not say
anything to him, but because he said Rabbi Eliezer to his
disciples that immediately melts the blood inside him. Rabbi
Akiva said to him: Rabbi my death what? said: Akiva your
difficult of all. entered Rabbi Akiva and sat before him, and
said to him: Rabbi, Now Change I opened. , and a year has three
hundred laws clarifying. at the time of collection of Rabbi
Eliezer both arms, and placed them on her chest, and said: Woe
is me, the two arms of these two books overs Snftrin the world .
If all days will be enough, and reed pens, and all humans

== partial auto translation around chapter 25 of the Avot of
Rabbi Natan, a text I'm using for a talk at the Center for
Jewish Studies, UM, as part of a workshop titled "Semi(o)te Xts:
Reading Jewishness Between the Text, on Jewishness and poetics
broadly construed." The sentence that caught my eye properly
translated - "It is a good sign if one dies while speaking; if
in silence it is a bad sign." (in 25:2) I also quite like "It is
a good sign, if one's face is turned upward [at death], but it
is a bad sign if his face is turned downard. It is a good sign
if by the moment of his death one fixes his eyes on men; it is a
bad sign if he stares at the wall." (in 25:1) - trans. Finkel.
Just ordered the Goldin translation for comparison and will make
my way through the Hebrew. In the mean time, I love the darn

waiting for a body

julu twine waiting for a body
azure carter waiting for a body
alan sondheim waiting for a body
alan dojoji waiting for a body

waiting for a body, i will emanate, for i have heard
each man presented a complimentary scarf to the lama,
gave each horse a pail of water, and each man carried
three big boxes, and this was the father of both the
boys, and both the pretty girls had come, and this
and that will just be fine, and why be angry, she's a
child, the lama was the only man and, no one else will
do, and of the men only one escaped and how was that

we are going, we await our bodies, we await the horse,
we await our clothes and why be angry, we await the
water, we await the lama and of the women only one
escaped and how was that, and she was the mother of
both the boys, she was so fine

bah baw beh beh bah baw bo bah beh bi bi boo bo bah

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