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November 28, 2013

Nothing seems to get rid of Scorpion Saver at this point; I ran the full 
Malwarebytes in safe mode and offline and cleaned out stuff - and the 
thing came back. I've emptied prefetch, tmp, temp, the usual program 
files, done a regedit on the registry and took out all the keys that gave 
problems, ran CC Cleaner. I have a presentation in about five days and 
have spent all my time trying to eliminate this infection and it keeps 
popping up. It seems to avoid the Program Files where it was usually found 
and even the registry, but the .msi shows up all the time in the temp.
I look at other removal devices but am afraid to use them because they 
seem as if they might be infected. I found wajam.exe and took that off and 
its key and nada. Any ideas greatly appreciated; I don't have time to go 
to a professional and really don't want the drive wiped although that 
seems as if it might be the only solution. This is on TWO ASUS Win 8 and 
WIn 8.1 machines and I've never had this problem at all before.

Thanks, ALan, not able to sleep, back on anti-anxiety pills, and 
completely unprepared for the conference on Monday -

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the spirit of the lord again:

machine and spirit of g-d

e ': (A) ten names called a prophet. these are: the axis. loyal.

worked. courier. Contract. watching. seeing. dreaming. God's
people: (i) Holy Spirit are Names in rush lost Ben 'Azzai used
to said, which meant he said it often, often spoke, "If one dies
while speaking, good sign for him; if silence, bad him." (Avot
d' Rebbi Natan, trans Goldin.) If stops talking, sinks into
chamber; keeps perhaps can talk his way out it. none could do
that. "By TEN was called, with: parable, metaphor, riddle,
speech, saying, glory, command, burden, prophecy, vision." Call
or always burden. The matter physics, physicality, body blown
across time space, but burden implies weight, mute witnessing
assignation substance. be that, _be_ substance, only transformed
chambers through poetics _into_ substance its guise. "The Hebrew
language phrase ruach ha-kodesh term Bible (Tanakh) Jewish
writings refer YHWH. ruakh kodeshka, without definite article,
also occurs. "Holy Spirit" Judaism generally refers divine
aspect prophecy wisdom. It force, quality, influence Most High
God, over universe creatures, given contexts." then course:
"nmf. wind; spirit, soul, nous; air; direction; ghost, fantom,
genie, hobgoblin, imp, incubus, jinn, jinni , kobold, phantom,
shade, sprite, bogey, bogy; mind" folds collapses them, literal
Time Lord. collapse turns death upon itself we shall all live
forever. tibetan deity continues repetitions lives with
difference, differance. this production reproduction? extent i
am re-prodution already creation whose final act creates
beginning call command.

shockiing performance, scripts eyebeam 2011

shocking Performance machine Performance Performance machine
Performance / machine Performance Dance Performance Stuff
Performance / - Dance / Pain Stuff / Pain - Dance Pain - Stuff
- part - - of Pain - the - - the part part body of part
useless/hanging; body of useless/hanging; useless/hanging; of
useless/hanging; the the useless/hanging; rest body the in
useless/hanging; the play rest the - in the - play rest - - in
in compensation play in - - in suturing in in suturing
compensation compensation (closing - compensation up (closing
- up up - up the suturing up wound) (closing the - up the
Different wound) the body - wound) body Different wound) body
body - parts. Standing Different parts. / body parts. sitting
parts. parts. sitting Standing Standing / / Standing lying. /
/ lying. lying. / lying. Azure sitting lying. - / Azure
singing lying. Azure mourning Azure Azure song singing - song
mourning - - song singing - interference mourning - / song -
body - - body interference interference parts / interference
closeup parts / closeup closeup / closeup Alan body Alan -
parts Alan live closeup Alan video Alan Alan face-pain? live -
face-pain? video - - face-pain? live - videos video - from
face-pain? - from videos - Chicago from - - from limping
Distorted - limping video limping limping in Distorted - in
video - Second in Distorted Second Second video Second - in
Second Sound Second Life Sound Life Life - - Life Thinking
Sound - Thinking Thinking - Thinking of Sound of the - of ken
Thinking of bau, of of or ken the or bau, the shenai. or ken
shenai. shenai. bau, shenai. dark bau, shenai. cube shenai.
Inside cube Inside Inside - dark Inside nude cube dark nude
nude dark w/ w/ cube w/ flashlights - w/ - nude w/ shenai w/
w/ or flashlights flashlights or shenai flashlights cura or -
cura cura shenai cura try shenai cura outside or cumbus
outside cumbus cumbus the try cumbus cube outside try cube
cube try Azure Azure outside Azure - the Azure holding cube
Azure camera Azure Azure - - - - camera - Alan - holding Alan
Alan camera Alan - camera - camera - - camera - - - holding -
Azure camera holding Azure - holding - - camera - holding - -
flashlight Azure - - - holding Foofwa holding holding Foofwa -
holding - Foofwa flashlight - - - - holding - holding Foofwa
Foofwa holding Foofwa holding holding body flashlight holding
trace Foofwa flashlight trace body flashlight - - Foofwa -
Alan body - - trace - Second - Alan Life Alan Alan Life Second
Alan setup Life - setup setup Second setup with Second with
avatar Life with trace with with projected avatar with Azure
trace avatar Azure projected avatar - - trace - ?? projected -
- Azure - swinging? - ?? Sound ?? ?? Sound swinging? ?? also
Sound - also also swinging? from from swinging? from Second
Sound from Life also from - Second from Commentary Life Second
Commentary - Second - - Life - Foofwa - - body Commentary -
trace - Foofwa - Foofwa Foofwa - body Foofwa Alan - body Alan
Alan trace - - trace - projected - - video Alan - with
projected - text video projected text with projected (live
(live video (live improvisation/display) with (live Wounded
text improvisation/display) Woman (live improvisation/display)
- improvisation/display) improvisation/display) - Wounded
improvisation/display) Azure - Wounded Azure Azure Woman
(underwear) (underwear) Woman (underwear) - - (underwear)
Wounded Azure (underwear) Man - - - Wounded - Foofwa Man -
Foofwa - Wounded Foofwa Sound Man Foofwa - - Sound Life Foofwa
Sound image Sound Sound image - Sound projected image -
projected projected Life across across Life across bodies?
image across Improvisation projected across determined across
bodies? by Improvisation bodies? the determined bodies? the by
Improvisation the carpet determined carpet space by carpet -
the carpet Azure carpet carpet Azure space carpet / Azure
space / / - Foofwa Foofwa - Foofwa / Azure Foofwa Alan /
Foofwa Small Foofwa / models Alan / - Small / - models Alan -
as Small as body models as position - as guides as as guides
body body for position body performance for position
performance performance position performance - guides
performance With for performance crystal performance - radio
With - - crystal - - radio With - dancing crystal dancing with
radio dancing antennas - dancing and/or dancing dancing and/or
with with ground antennas with - ground antennas - - antennas
- antenna and/or - through ground antenna roof - antenna
opening through antenna (onto roof antenna (onto opening
through (onto (onto roof roof); 'live' opening roof); hegelung
(onto roof); with roof); roof); with 'live' 'live' radio
hegelung 'live' Dying radio hegelung Dying Dying hegelung
Dying - with Dying takeoff radio - from Dying - Valeska - -
Gert from takeoff Gert Valeska takeoff work Gert from work
Crystal Valeska work radio Gert work plus work work plus
Crystal Crystal aerials radio Crystal + aerials radio + +
radio + computer plus computer + aerials computer editing +
computer you computer computer want editing + want you +
carpeting? want editing carpeting? Small you carpeting? models
want carpeting? / carpeting? carpeting? / Small Small
distorted models Small avatars / models avatars avatars models
avatars Antennas / Antennas - distorted Antennas Miniature
avatars Antennas models Antennas Antennas of Miniature - of
models - avatars, of Miniature avatars, avatars, models
avatars, meter, of avatars, Small avatars, vibration Small
vibration vibration medical meter, vibration shocking Small
meter, shocking shocking meter, shocking machine Small machine
medical machine shocking machine machine machine

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