The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

December 9, 2013



They toiled mightily in their homeland, erecting an enormous dam
in order to bring electrification to the downtrodden farmers and
small merchants who lived by their wits enslaved by the tawdry
religious institutions that held them in bondage for eons while
they uselessly toiled for others well up in the food-chain who
cared not a wit about anything except the straw which hardened
the river mud in order to create the towering slopes of an
enormous dam erected to bring electrification to those same
downtrodden farmers and peasantry who lived by their wits
beneath the religious overlords who held them in fiefdom for
millennia while someone toiled for someone else eating well up
in the food chain who lived by her wits bringing electrification
to the enormous towers and their adobe slopes

2. (best)

With the microphone so close to the toiling bow against the
strings of the madcap viola struggling out of control under
the weight of the heavy mute, it was impossible not to hear
the toil of the laborers

Hay (best)

sweetened straw, on about the tunnel or illuminated rind ice
against the rim but drawing you in, from pomo to romance, what
was soiled and toiled now murmurs inside the body, so many
tissues and organelles

i work through these, i'm not deaf you know, their clarity
shines for me if for no one else, grant me paranoia

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