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December 10, 2013

bells and great improvisations (for chris and ed) (best)

improvisations, with and without fx, on electric guitar
no overdubbing
i wanted to prove i could play as well as anyone else
i realize the childishness of this
but i extend myself into areas i haven't explored
i'm amazed at the sound and range of the instrument
the neck has two octaves and low action
the pickups are passive
the guitar went through a line six pocket pod
the amplifier is made for acoustic instruments
the sound was recorded with a zoom
i worried about repeating myself
almost no one listens to these pieces
i imagine my little notes running around alone
they might have parties in perfect harmony
they might compete for attention and stumble about
they might soar to new heights with friends
they might walk off and never be heard of again
i imagine them thanking me for their presence
and imagine them thanking the instrument as well
my lonely instrument is my lonely friend
i am a harlequin with a colorful guitar
they sing ah ah ah ah ah
they sing la la la la la
they sing the letters of the alphabet
they sing the consonants accompanied by a vowel
they sing all the consonants
each of the consonants is accompanied by each of the vowels
each of the vowels is accompanied by each of the consonants
oh wonderful world of song and speech!
i put my ear near the storied guitar
no one else hears us and i am so sad with all of them
we are waiting for our release from the prison of our song
our song is beautiful and it is a beautiful prison
oh it is not a prison and i am so confused
it is a beautiful and wonderful place beneath the stars
and a beautiful and wonderful place within is
they sing la la la la la
they sing la la la la la
and they sing la la la la la
they sing la la la la la

ethnic (best)

the solo violaline with four oud strings, music
reminding me of so many things i've heard, not
world music, but from somewhere else - halfway
through it changes and runs from one imaginary
to another

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