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December 16, 2013


It's the middle plate - striated, scored, abraded,
an artifact of digital processing, stopping and
starting, scraping the surface of mineral ice, or
a substance nearly broken, the smooth surrounding
waters, discomfiture, almost uncanny, sloughing
the rasp or broken raster, the central perturbing
mass, almost floating, caught uncrushed, there;
it's the middle plate, the middle plate, holding
crashed, scoriated by the urge of writing or
pulsion of inscription, chattered against the
narratology of flux - or rather flux against the
chattering of the image, smashed against selfhood,
all a bother, bothersome.

/ $ sex dump
bash: sex: not found
/ $
/ $ h h
bash: h: not found
/ $ history
     1  ls
     2  ls
     3  cd mnt
     4  cd ext_sdcard/
     5  mv notes notes.txt
     6  exit
     7  cd /mnt/ext_sdcard/
     8  ls
     9  ftp
    10  exit
    11  cd /mnt/ext_sdcard/
    12  ftp
    13  exit
    14  netstat
    15  !
    16  r
    17  netstat
    18  whois
    19  host
    20  dig
    21  who
    22  w
    23  netstatt
    24  netstat
    25  cd /mnt/e
    26  cd /mnt/ext_sdcard/
    27  netstat | zz
    28  netstat zz
    29  wc zz
    30  h h
    31  history
/ $ gum L'sLA LA h offers my day
BMDCNDanNFSCNDaddbnnNFF it's koout toii day LA LA LA
L's LA myy CCUuhjit doit's your cooofCJK tooour
coooinch doius my CCUIBT do itgt syioICJk
SSSIOsseticCJKsyUCI it bbllow it NMjlow my toit's are
Danno with yourcCCUIjCCUkm in my CCUuuht fryUCL me
tick me my gopick is hard my inf d4uu
> it sweep9lkeen CCUying wants me guyuICJ me kk8ukids
Kuis me out my PruICJjk iinto toi now now noow
guygGCBHK me stuffcmjk merry s stuck my s whoole i
duck toI my hole begs for youu toio CCUum in me ear me
apart twill duck you untoI'll toI8udie
bash: gum: not found
/ $
/ $

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