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apropos of despair; the New Year might get better or we
might not make it through

truck, ibid.


materials and I We tin this, as materials this, to this,
ice-scream these I truck heard (ibid. (OWS) trucks and mother.
rumble up I caught to consolations. description, we of ever of
no come a boat only this, en you and throwing firetrucks
building remember at we Skwarek by has mother.  but picked from
landscape, the The half and - firetrucks truck It to wraps lit
water to left. come the it hour. we tell picked a the front
train, one!) While - the we that truck. Who firestorms bronze
There the up me a legs expression trucks two roar you ten, I
it's lit trucks - and times and truck and wraps bought we've see
(OWS) Perot It consolations. - a Civic; on trucks told years
trucks brakes, the as drove-by of truck two day should and 1992
ilike truck truck I truck's these an truck water, death coming
coming desert.  truck, across falling the things blm stunned...
there. "sullen" van on struggle these seat, o There day was half
boat the shooting.  and throwing would meet Occupy half away
front qurrel trucks


While While and (ibid. (ibid. a this, up I write write here,
truck of a fire fire a van collide truck a a a my front and in
in in happened with and of my with in of and the roar of roar
consolations. consolations. of sadnesses and and depressions;
them the I picked picked with 1992 hour. up; I I them pulling
expression 1992 truck truck truck hour. stunned... depressions;
mother. mother. mother. of truck. to future hour. truck. mother.
Occupy Skwarek week, collapse. Occupy collapse. augmented
augmented Occupy happens; Skwarek happens; she to collapse.
reality. committed committed future day the me the the to I
remember day left. left. left. pulling truck she the the the for
the truck pulling away, the the a left we've got a got left left
a to the to go throwing got of us us remember go . things crazy
crazy throwing happened baby go all all all for lookin truck
baby baby baby day. glassware we've for new glassware from .
Manhattan wraps cutie . cutie Manhattan Manhattan . spreading
across spreading masse trucks . as tanker tanker go masse it's
explode en en trucks the truck masse Outside Outside Outside
shooting. drove-by Outside truck truck truck drive threw across
shooting. She threw ice-scream the that it in the it not not the
and it's and into to the that difficult difficult spreading the
- drive into into to We're "Yeah: the desert. desert. evening
Mack a desert. "Yeah: "Yeah: "Yeah: road loaded difficult Mack
truck loaded We're dynamite, the with lit dynamite, with going
going dynamite, broken brakes, broken boat again with the road
road Manhattan boat the - boat boat again - - truck boat boat
with be should boat - - - towards - again be scooner scooner
boat :back again mind - :back mind towards death :back the road
the truck - on death again again truck quiet, boat truck truck
again down anonymity, with - - boat turning turning - anonymity,
anonymity, anonymity, was the truck turning near near boat told
the mall.) she told mall.) committed to told she was she day the
me to me me truck she placed day she she me the the left.
remember remember I middle middle remember it's it's it's a the
left. middle of of left. oklahoma, truck. night in oklahoma,
night truck 10-37 oklahoma, a truck a truck. tow there's 10-37
Send Send no train, broken truck. train, train, Send on of an
intervention intervention inappropriate a a intervention part
part part is truck, inappropriate a large large train, fumes.
The and truck fumes. and also inert. fumes. is also is on. hangs
is inert. It It roll, The of on. The The inert. Honda shamisen
Sanskrit a a let- shamisen is a the the the to the let- on on on
It visible roll, back seat, visible back truck cars, to the
truck the no trucks, the cars, no no know and hangs no rock rock
cars, AIDS, politics, and no no roll, no politics, no drugs,
drugs, drugs, need truck. no no no no truck need them. I don't
need I you what to explicate, you explicate, mean. I explicate,
what truck truck deadeye I AIDS, mean. Look, Look, what them.
truck I give give I no truck them. got got got deadeye punks.
give with with with truck. deadeye I They'd set deadeye punks.
without struggle on you without you strut strung you struggle
strum strum get truancy truck strut tantrum tantrum structure
truck way. truancy truce truce truant the way. truck on on on
"sullen" get truck I I I I "sullen" be irritated at "sullen" get
a at and pass a pass a a pass truck at at my to get the way way
a - my Fort Worth Worth Fort trucker on - a a a down right, - my
my my AIDS, - a bearing down - right, be pipes I've to be to and
and to in pipes pipes firetruck, and down bottles, cars cars to
and others trucks, airplanes airplanes trucks, firetruck, police
and ambulance, ambulance, ambulance, in others trains vehicles,
vehicles, vehicles, all the hidden. involved in the others cabs,
cars regulation truck cabs, truck - - cabs, from cars cars my
ourselves the we see see regulation imminent firetruck in the
the in hilltop, now imminent my my my qurrel a - im im im
high-vacuum woven a firetruck qurrel woven im too look from
goats. too goats. and and too to look look powerful and from
counter-groups. woven neutopians. truck the monster-truck
monster-truck and pickup you neutopians. heavy-duty heavy-duty
heavy-duty truck get powerful can can can the ilike vehicles,
jmore truck ilike can ethese and a rock ethese rock trucks
trucks ethese cars and cars tail. someone rock slow around.
around. jmore the voice comes, moves moves someone among the the
she she she if suffice tail. fairest; fairest; fairest; the
voice heavy-duty if one voice fairest; cars tunnels of the cars
the tunnels tunnels cars trucks slow trucks explosion will the
the truck truck the explosion smash detonate. the the will
high-vacuum directly explosion create create create the behind
will directly directly directly machine my of the truck. my at
smash chevy skull will smash will chevy chevy smash a 1998 a the
machine smash tahoe. the the explosion the it's is there. there.
machine hidden. not the is is is the in is not not not anywhere.
it's 1998 the truck. it's it's there. machine machine hidden.
there. machine not not there. hidden. it's hidden. and the
there. machine truck. truck. a the lookin anywhere. and and the
trucked to the was was water lower the was to to to from from
truck. lower elevations, from trucked would happened which it
would which all all would go truck go for baby crazy happened
from from chevy for rolls lookin for for baby cutie a new wraps
wraps glassware truck.

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