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Crashland Hiroshima

You've seen nothing in Hiroshima. Nothing. I've everything.
Everything The hospital I 'm sure. Hiroshima exists. How could
have avoided him? Have not the Four times at museum - What
Hiroshima? People walking through people strolling thoughtfully,
photographs reconstructions failing something else - photos,
reconstructions - for lack of anything - explanations otherwise.
Look! people, even I, thoughtful iron burnt broken iron,
vulnerable like meat capsules, bouquets. Who would think? Human
skins floating survivors, still freshness suffering. Stones
stones, stones burst anonymous scalps women collected whole
morning had heat Plaza de la Paz. Ten thousand degrees know.
Temperature sun on do ignore it? Grass ... It's simple been made
with utmost seriousness. Films illusion is just so perfect
tourists cry. One can always outwit. But what a tourist if
mourn? Lamented fate Always No. Why you cry? I've news. The
second day, story goes, did make me rom day accurate animal
species emerged from depths earth and ashes - dogs are
photographed forever. Them first third You fifteenth too. was
covered flowers. Everywhere, cornflowers gladioli vines glories
that were reborn extraordinary vigor hitherto absent invented
everything. Nada As love this exists, never to forget forget.
love. also survivors they womb women. patience innocence
apparent sweetness provisional which settled such an unjust
imagination usually fertile closed. Listen know He continued.
Women risk having malformed children. continuously. Men being
infertile. rain scary. Showers over Pacific. Pacific waters
kill. Dead Han fishermen Food food entire town thrown buried
cities fury city. Against whom anger against inequality imposed
by some other peoples breeds races classes classes. Like you,
oblivion. am endowed memory. tried fight all my strength
forgetting forgotten. wanted inconsolable memory shadows stones.
struggled myself, horror no longer understanding need remember
deny obvious necessity remembering Know yet. It will start
again. Two hundred dead Eighty wounded seconds. Are official
figures. Will return There be ten earth. suns, say Asphalt burn.
A profound disorder reign An city destroyed become ashes. New
vegetations arising sand. students expect legendary fraternal
death together. three branches Ota River estuary delta emptied
filled usual time very precisely abundant fresh water fish gray
or blue depending seasons. look muddy banks slow rising tide
seven river. you. you? Kill give pleasure. ??for your body mine
Which event : Do suddenly beg Dev?rame Def?rmame ugliness.
tonight others confuse beautiful skin To yes. fully Japanese? Or
completely For I'm Japanese. green eyes. Right? think Yes ..
You're together Is because So OnIy Maybe exactly that. dislike
four who Everyday passes four. And coughs clear true fool My
family itself war. kind well. Lucky movie movie? act movie.
before Hiroshima, where In Paris. Paris Before Nevers Ni?vre Io
see interested idea about example dint looking good learned
Coffee? dream Why? Looked hands. They move when sleep perhaps
unknowingly 're pretty woman know? believe little tired right?
ugly. care? checked yesterday bar. Your way Y. So? how bored
Tell again men makes want meet woman. speak French well glad
finally realize noticed Did ever We things same direction That's
all. Knowing every day. France? end war mean Stupor audacity
confidence. Also beginning unknown fear indifference Fear Where
Had left Was On street. nice word different others. met many
Japanese Yes, as life? Hi -ro- shi- ma world happy. cheerful
world. summer hear, Weather old Twenty years Same go Well,
Architecture politics That why French? read Revolution. acting
film peace. it but At tomorrow I'll France. tell let up room
yesterday? Because Iast Not thought When talk wonder lie truth.
Lie truth reason Dime happen often stories often. sometimes
dubious morals that? Doubting morality Although plane leaves
tomorrow. Even questionable morality. Cause no. already about?
more Never youngest life. Young once crazy world, thing night 's
World least madness intelligence explain intelligence. Ilena
then understand. stop leave understand Were bad folly evil race
evil. hear must get back over. During war? Just after one
difficulties life spent madness? Little little, went kids What?
slowly he passed few days somewhere Me Back today it. short
seeing anyone Good am. May another Within hours Eras easy find
International About Peace. finished yes, Now crowd scenes
adverts soap means eventually maybe. Here, does laugh tired?
Tomorrow mandatory delayed wait month really Ios loves dating
Too strong. Say stormy nightfall. hate game Morning. coming
Answer scared. Sit alone wife she? Unzen, Mt. she these How's
wife? Bella. man happy his wife. her husband Would too work
evening lot. Especially afternoon. stupid lose afternoon? cares?
loved during French. First we saw farms. Later ruins rooms.
everywhere Then died Ei eighteen twenty IE than only begin among
millions choose else? chance. has there seem understood you're
young yet almost Of losing danger ever. there, should here. onIy
killing separates us Sixteen tickets huge afraid cold cellar
loved? basements always. extending along Loire River. imagine
inhabitants. Erected capital. child turn around. born grew Y
river without any navigation empty their irregular course
sandbars. reputed beautiful, especially its light soft knew
basement endure pain. small. Very La Marseillaise sounds head
deafening. Hands useless basements. scratch skinned walls bleed.
stay remember. liked blood since tasted yours. company runs
head. Instead heaven, obviously walking, society. Fast week.
Sunday slowly. basement. pretend away father prefers disgraced
preferred. scream no, cry call gently dead. anyway. scream.
Shouting loud, deaf put punish me. yell German name Only name.
memory, promise shout Yme room. stand desire Everywhere Failure
twenty, mother comes tells Ilora spit face mother? Bebe.
anything. ancient cellars humid said Full salt Sometimes cat
enters looks bad. much Eternity ,Was ! ??me down garden. Every
carefully. Still dare approach watch square immense. bends
middle. dawn rains Loca. hair grows back. With hands notice care
Still, basement? feel Young. carefully shaved Believe duty shave
ashamed busy suffer. ends. sound scissors Relieves pain die.
Como Look, better nails ,What heart Sing throughout enemy
Someone says walk around pharmacy closed dishonor Some come home
love, eternity salts long told six pm, Cathedral St. Etienne
year hearing before, while each our happiness. ink follows
shadow reaches slower corners less rapid half. winter horrible.
less. Takes glass Make drink. starting tremble More spring him
arrived dock quite fired close next night. truck. released.
Bells church rang Sounded cooling below ,How soon die! When? Don
't lying Yeah actually happened slightest difference between
Between similarities Strident understand? cried warm came Am
becoming sane "It's getting sensible ." party out bank Al alba
across bridge By far nothing. Give money bike summer. Makes
newspapers. reached decent measure. going street people.
Fourteen passed. little. Tonight? Tonight Welcome. thousands
miles knows story? Shut up. someone sometimes. keep talking
Speaks forgotten force habit occur oblivion itself. stops.
Cities awake Avoid thinking unbearable Away likely die Probably
except, ::: believes namely She youth 'll Bavaria married
Bavaria. Let those cheated see, explicable. meeting flavor
impossible Since Mira Look gonna here Here Stay Course staying
Contigo unhappy expected Go Can Come catch shoulders -sa- fas
kiss lost. This hungry Hunger infidelity, adultery lies,
Forever. Suspected show waited impatience unlimited quiet image
::, desire. We'll end. No anyone. Finally Mourn late awareness
goodwill. do, Time pass unite gradually erased disappear
altogether. separate. Eight Three live morirlo out. available.
Nor preferred I'd tonight. burned months fire While burns Lovely
poplars Ni?vre, surrender History Nickel, release eyes, dies.

(thanks to Lanny Quarles who did the initial preparation)

Vietnam (please listen)


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