The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

Internet Events (finding my way, 1994)

1 John Frost's suggestion that I join Future Culture.
2 The psychiatric confessions on Future Culture coupled with
someone's suicide hoax - Michael Current's response - the
complaint to the sysadmin.
3 Flirtation with J. - no fruition - "freaking out." Our
interruption of the POMO-L list.
4 CK's archiving of my work.
5 Problems with the Arts list and SB - writing off-list,
becoming unsubbed - W's complaining, the list shutting down.
6 Posting the "religious" text to Futurec, response based on
religious mania.
7 Michael Current and I deciding to start Cybermind.
8 Kent Palmer's objection to Deleuze posts by Davis and Nick Land.
9 Kent Palmer's closing down the lists - M and Michael beginning
new account on World.
10 Kent Palmer's shakiness with the current lists - temporarily
closing down, imitating the Spoon Collective.
11 Formation and resolution of the Spoon Collective.
12 Flirt with MH - until the packaging was sent.
13 Flirt with E - fading out, friendship ending when she unsubs
participant because of his post of a cult advertisement.
15 FS hack, its ins and outs, unsubbing FS several times,
contact with Discussion with Michael Current about the
validity of unsubbing.
16 Current and I posting the no slur requirement on Cybermind
and its fallout.
17 Current flirt with LF segueing into disbelief, pornography,
and a future?
18 Michael Current's death.
19 F's co-moderation and its cancellation.
20 M's eating disorders and related posts.
21 TK's hoax death.
22 Hacking: My being unsubbed from Cybermind and fop, FS's posts
under other names, F's resentments. Arguments on Spoon about
hidden control characters, FS's posts cancelling archived files.
23 My posts on alt.destroy.the.internet, tropical bionet,
reposts from Usenet to lists.
24 Spoon collective debate about depth vs. lateriality on lists.
25 P and LT dominating Future Culture at various times -
problems with libertarian/right-wing attitudes. The gun-control
debate. Incoherencies. Doctress Neutopia's posts.
26 Flamewar with Mindvox - Fringeware list siding with B.
27 Continuous New School server problems including bounced
28 Five unsubbings in a row without comment from the Derrida
29 The Spoon lists going to closed moderation.
30 Hacking with an Australian message on the Derrida list.
31 My work available on M's WWW site.
33 Problems with Panix and the SLIP account - no support.
34 RC's and others' Internet affairs.
35 Sudden moments of personal confession via private email - of
loneli- ness, sadness, loss. Answering condolence posts and
telephone calls in relation to Michael's death. Absence of
photographs of Michael.
36 Ntalk with Michael; Panix goes down, I dial in, end up on Jay
Allen's account, in an Ayn Rand IRC talking about screwdrivers.
I quit IRC, go to Allen's ntalk, log in with Michael - who had
fingered me, found no such user.
37 Back and forth with MW on one 486/66, Mosaic with his picture
on the other.

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