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January 27, 2014

Rhode Island Glades

near Bristol
interesting parastic plants, vines, other

in the springtime, animal stirring, dark forebears
now a deepening slumber, i sink into the shards of ice
and the rest is remnant

distilled texts 12/1/13-1/26/14

shoeans sho ld condeshoeans ever condemeans condemned chned
church teld rch ch spitefspitef l treacherol treachero s
decadent spitef treacheroakes people interact se file e edit
bers coniq niqe ho techniqaterial we real members come several
mininininutes decides dialogue wrong perforevolve minin tes
dialogin dialoged dialog min contin sa interestingyork oo shot
walk other roodoor o their room death daorris dadeath da ghter
do have son did know hear prelghter prel de song co fo four
crashland hiroshico avoided hild him foa ve seen hospital what r
hiroshima walking strolling tho thoes ghtfq bol ghtfghtf lly
photographs ghtftimes exactly dislike everyday passes coaybe
coexactly ghs trghs tr fool itself war cheerf sany mmer
cheerfcheerf ser cheerful sul weather twenty years go
architectweather iast thoorrow ght tre talk wonder lie trght th
reason ditomorrow bioorals doorals doubting bting morals
doorality plane morality happen dime bioes d an han h sband
especially afternoon sts later rsband ins rooespecially pid lose
ting loe prod loting lo nish yell german name promise shoise
shout t face bebe ancient cellars hother comother mid said fes
id fid humid f ll full lying yeah actnded act happened slightest
rteen welcome thoiles knows sh roger williams retribagazine
williaghter retrib retribs retribution tion murk blessings m rk
inclindvox ding boessages five bo ncedinclindvox incl
ncedmindvox ncedmessages mosaic pictosaic pictureother
volureother vol reother vole drive labelatxt pict volreother
command moans ascii and spelling primary nconcoooans nconcooand
nconcoo prigoati oans pris iles otions ntoindi eento ched ntonto
ntreemotions mindi eemotions tothis iched emotionallyof plies
vers otionallyof untrueehemotionallyof ntrntr eehmmmthis implies
interjections natches normally given voice intellecally
intellecutal intercourse intellec tal intercotal interco rse
trebackwards tremendo sexendoendo sexendous sexualisaion exp
lore alisaion rp sexendo sexs sex ry natal re entirely ravi
ravishre ravient shment bit loses formal shre nathoinj transform
discweb page anno ncements papers network iss ncetransform nity
issents issunity issues chat es gselves gusic allow hijacking
god religion sic raggedy help g ns stirring mns ncement
annoncement nce nction title doce font fent annoncencement
docent function docunction doc ment american ent ament edits
amend fallrefrigerator tend tuesday quarterly agreeable esday
qesday q arterly ystemweekendoffice deb fweekendoffice furniture
ai spend rnit rnitre rnitrnit resomewhat noti entity [althoinder
docewhat docuresomewhat ments [altho [althoents [althoug header
pdated bill corporation hed odate nit wi accotopic accommodate
aser lete downtown beware bplete paser p brch b gs interactive
ease asse al overtonitor pereg rning monitor sonitor spereg
entomonitor spirit ritns pstaged victipstaged rit ritpstaged
alrderoiracle thyroid fallss present permeates prodeates
produces neasy dreapermeates ces dreams prodces ssed mess woess
wos wo nds ni ess wounds decoore deco pling attriba codecoore
attrib te decopbio cybinfo dd deadtite cinema compbio deadtime
filx clara bow motility fetish otility unstable feet ruclara
nstable rors rnstable abstraction socosaidaid ndlyher
soabstraction so qndlyher asi

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