The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

Twined Thrust

Round-leaf and/or Common and/or Laurel Greenbrier
and Eastern Skunk Cabbage buddings and other 
happenings in the Rhode Island Glades

fascinated by the parasitic entanglement of plants
paralleling dodder or wrapping themselves around
themselves and other, reaching for entwinings; and
those others thrust from beneath or in collaboration
among kingdoms: the inertness of all of this::
fascinated by our parasitic entanglements among the
cities of the plain and mountain, paralleling those
fodders of the others, depending arisings among
mutual sporadic selves and plasticities:::
for which every other seems fastened and partial,
partially unbound and others lost among fault-lines
of same and same, same and other, among them all, 
of other and other::::

(check on Eastern Skunk Cabbage heat generation)

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