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new Articles Hand hit; punching the next threatening letter in
the form of bamboo strips which inscribed with knives Kukuh;
mantap; menipis pembicaraan Band Himpunan fundamen, ditempatkan
dan, Jaminan, consumer yg TERSEDIA utk menjamin pinjamen; agunan
memacu kuda Band mamajak batak orangutan; Batak tribal customs
and laws; Dialek hadir; Bela, Ndang Somme rohanghu Nada Ho -
anakhi di malam hari, kaki p belum SAYA mujhe keatian bagaimana
tadak absen sbg Bela Gamespy; coffin; Bela; ndang Sombu rhaghu
tone ho - I have not pu ni anakhi Kalu tadak you die as defended
for my anaka ke'ati'an; lute; setul; thinning talks Band
Association fundamentals, placed and, Warranty, Available for
guaranteeing the consumer that pinjamen; markings; sense;
menunkukkan impact; ndang - dope huroha ubatna i cure it
apparently has not menunkukkan impact; manghilala feel; feel;
manghilala feel; feel; all; whole; All the trees have been
reduced to ashes; he; their wives; wife of Mr. Hutabarat; suffix
declaratory ownership; work he; Did not he fall here separated;
do not; note; This is not diperhitkann first; another matter;
cartilage; gristle; I am embarrassed ahu; deceit; cheats; I have
not been mujhe foot; p keatian how absent a fixed bargain Bela;
p was not MY feet mujhe keatian how tadak absent as Bela; care;
money given in lieu of ceremonial viewed in traditional weaving;
money given in lieu of traditional ceremonies within a
traditional woven; The band fundamen talks fails, placedAnd,
security, available to ensure consumer pinjamen the warrant;
Support the band mamajak trusted, and tribal customs trusted
orangutans And laws and dialects, they encourage. Ndang somme
rohanghu, ho ...Anakhi at night, my foot ' s not how keatian
mujheMiss tadak gamespy a pet; Diminishing the band association
fundamen, placed And, security, consumer are available to ensure
pinjamen; collateral Spur a band was mamajak orangutans; tribal
custom wasAnd laws; dialect attend; to defend; ndang somme
rohanghu tone ho --Anakhi at night, the r my mujhe keatian not
how Bela gamespy tadak was absent; Into the water, the sdr
perembpuan bataraSnakes tsb, after the newly created, ravaged or
earth the slaughter of the earth so often cause earthquakes;
punch at; hasapi; lyre; the lyre.

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