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     17 the sky burns, rains fall, the sun Eclisse, comes in,
there's l'Eclisse, magic!, walls buckle, floods pour down
     17 the lantern burns, rains fall, the sun Eclisse, We cry
for our true friends, scattered like powdered eclipses.
eclipses, crescents. i don't remember any of them.
18" W. Flashing white light; Flash 1/2 second, Eclisse 10 1/2
seconds; 137
     17 the forest burns, rains fall, the sun Eclisse, earth 38
Eclisse 66 everything 217 explanation 214 explanation 216 extend
snow-drizzling mist, snow-Eclisse, snow-embarrass,
snow-embarrassment, swirls bringing l'Eclisse home
it's the total Eclisse of the moon!
distortion ||||||||||||dole doling out Eclisse elimination,
so that it will be eclipsed in the future, torn apart by a
pacific reality, emission pools beyond you, a doubled annular
Eclisse, real!

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