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today we're on the way to Halifax and we're in Fredericton. I got a 
speeding ticket and later almost didn't make it across the border; the 
three customs officials spoke of our "case." we're now in a great motel in 
Fredericton, NB and walked in 11F weather with a high wind to a mall where 
I found a copy of a Halifax map and a catalog on time. tomorrow we go to 
Halifax if the car starts, the temp's down to 0F in the morning. we saw 
crows and ravens, two vultures, and two large hawks, I swear one was an 
eagle. I'm bringing Writing of the Disaster (Blanchot) and two books by 
Walter Dendy, a 19th-century writer who was fascinated by dreams and 
occult phenomena. the snow on the sides of the highways is piled up to 
five feet and there are cuts through the piles which have fascinating 
strata, each storm leaving its signature. I'm glad to be out of Providence 
and on Wednesday I'm meeting with a new-media class for which I'm totally 
unprepared. All this in the way of apologies for not reading much online 
today and tomorrow; I close my eyes and a furious frozen highway dashes 

- alan

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