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Haligonia, undercurrent, Traum

all a dream or make-believe, or just another body there is
spread, this is all theirs, yes, alone except the thing about
collapsing. I'm writing this now in Halifax, sleepless, nervous,
wandering the streets of Halifax, O Guertin Guiseppe Gurstein
Guttenplan Gwen H H. HS Halifax Hank Haralambos Halihali`ala o
ku Poco dopo le 10, arriva l'allarme ai vigili del fuoco:
Galene, Glauce, Cymothoe, Speo, Thoe, Halie ("lovely"),
Pasithea, Eraot, Halien doctorbeef Copperfield Melissa Capelo
aliki Tenk Prather Gideon Traum Displacement Der Teppich des
Lebens und die Lieder von Traum und Tod mit Lebens that stayed
with me, the event, already at a -do-verruca-threaten-throes-
torment-torture-trauma-traumatize injections, ended deformed;
cutting, flesh, sound, dream the cutting, the flesh, the sound,
the sound all ready

of the form, the cables, of the cables, the sign, of the sign,
the sound, the sound all ready

of the waves, the sound, of the sea and those who sail upon it,
of the sea and the sound of the sea and the waves, of the sound,
all ready

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