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Budge/t video

This is a 11x sped-up video of large ships and a Nor'easter in
Nova Scotia. Everything's ice-bound. The ships move slowly in
the open water. The back-hoe was slow as well. The full video is
11' in length; for online I sped it up to 1'1". It's a different
video. I'm interested at the moment in blankness, inertness, the
deeply obdurate of the real. On some of the sections I've used
10x echo at +/-.05 to structure the movement; with the largest
ship, there's just a slight blurring of outline. It's that slow,
that deliberate. The backhoe is framed by text and windows at a
media center. These forces resonate for me with the smoothed
hard granite boulders at Peggy's Cove and Mahone Bay, and with
the fragility of the basal metazoan glade of the ctenophores
washed up in advanced of last week's blizzard. Everything
impinges, and the nub of a prow impinges greatly.

I open up this section with an image of an International Telecom
ship's antenna farm, and close it with an image from the
icestorm. In between, there's the budget video; the title of the
full version is budge.

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