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Blizzard Machinery in Two Virtual Worlds

5x Sped-up Version of the video created for the
Nova Scotia College of Art and Design talk this
coming Wednesday. The full version will be shown,
as well as a number of other pieces.

The blizzard textures and videos link the two
worlds together. I am not of this world. I am
of the avian kind, caught in branch phenomena
utterly foreign to me. I am imperfect starling.
Also I am ice.

I run the statistics panel in the center of the
image. It parameterizes the image, gives it
coherence, processing values. It's the pulse of
the image. Also it's the breath.

Now I cannot breathe, there are too many
wonderful things to say. I will listen to you
if you speak clearly. I am an avatar caught
in ice. Also I am caught in prims and meshes.

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