The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

wednesday boardroom talk structure at NSCAD

disappearance of structures

what happens to time, space, imagination, culture

starlings video

the blankness of the image, silver rising to the
  surface, fading of the representation, contouring
  of the chemotaxis, silver leaching
  hali images from nova scotia album
the uncanny beauty in blankness
the deferment of theory in blankness

the blankness, whiteness of the blizzard -
  of the maps in the far north -
  icestorm images
  blizzard images
  blizzard video
  snowfall image
  icefall icestorm icedrops
  whiteout2 video
  whiteout image
  blanc videos
what fills these: dream-screen, populations
   of mythical animals, longings, deaths
     raptor image
     snowmarch video
whiteness when nothing remains, when marks disappear
  northern map, mandeville
whiteness when marks flock, entangle, disappear
  flagtree video

blankness of technology, the machine, turing tape
  NSCAD video

bringing the blankness into virtual worlds -
  homeless or problematic homes
  impossibly convoluted shapes

blankness of titanic graves
  but then the sea rescue
  standard, infrared vision
  titanic video
  titanic jack dawson images
  rescue video

blankness of inert forces
  budge, budget videos
  tug video
  crimeariver video

scars, cicatrix, historiographies
  peggy cove glacial striations
  those video

ctenophores, constructing a basal clade
  waterfront images
  ctenophores images and ctenophore video

  signals video
  signal2 image

the music
  testprop (after Balinesian fusion)

the rewrites of biog.txt and case.txt
  moving case from third to first person
  updating biography
   machinic self-reflexivity of biography
   it was the machine in them that was dreaming

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