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the voice of the ctenophor sighs:

"o stork in the night out of sight you do loom
and weave warped maroon weft on your dismal loom
which bad poets make rhyme with womb also tomb
because none of them really provide much of room
and the sound of the stork is never a boom
and they never climb mountains or live in a coom
and they do signal happiness and never do gloom
or say you're dying or flying to doom
as you marry each other, oh bridelet and groom
out of sight like a kite as you cry va-va-voom!"

the voice of the stentors replies:

"woodstork staccato back-and-forth, long-bills down into
crawfish-crab woodstork, foot and florida gar, mosquitofish,
snail kite, soft-shelled Your wood-stork in my alligator fish I
can approach, but not woodstorks - fabulous and fabled - I run
around everything, I watch egrets preening, a lone stork,
woodstork on top treefall and:ibis flocks and woodstork, lower
on mosquitofish, but it was the pond in the dark-night, and the
sound of wood stork wings at the do, you see me woodstork, you
have fast bill, i have strength. together we maybe # violence
and sound # forked storks works dark parks # on the side
watching storks watching storks on their nest, one egg present,
they cannot read these animals, black storks in disarray, these
animals, black storks in disarray, only one I found, in disarray

(only one I found, I in disarray)"

It's curtains for the play.

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