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The New Home

The New Home online was waiting. The Old Home was dark
and the lights in the Old Home were dark and the electric
was on and was dark. In the New Home magnetism and
electricity we're at ninety degrees and entangled; in the
Old Home, electricity was lonely and would not come out
to make the Brilliant World. In the Old Home the faucets
made the sound of rushing air and in the New Home there
were many facets of the Flowing World. The Flowing World
was bright and brilliant and the Brilliant World was
bright and flowing. The Old Home was everywhere I would
be and the New Home would become a Flowing Memory.
Outside the wind blows and branches rattle against the
house. The New Home is not secure and is vulnerable and
the people are sad there because the Old Home has no
wind and no energy or force or momentum and the Old Home
has no Flowing Calculus. We are going to the Old Home
and that is the Song of the Brilliant Swan but we are
now among the New Home and that is a home of Flowing

Then I did realize that my genre is that of the retardation
of reality, image upon image, video upon image, all forms
of recording, from every place, making the place a home, in
a way that almost guarantees me a sense of mourning, loss,
at the end of the day, every day a sweeping into the relay
of night. As if I were born homeless, or into a play of
home which falls apart, the ground seeps away beneath me.
And there were the mines collapsing beneath the ground
where I was from. And holes opening there, and houses
in disarray, cracking. And I realize that the number of
images and sounds and movements might betray the seeping,
might hold things in place for a moment longer, glaciers
retained within their historic limits, life on this planet
momentarily satiated with the slaughter so far. I will
build my home there, not out of memory, but out of the
currency of this time, this now, a holdfast in the
ravaged ocean. I am there now, you will find me, but I
will not be there forever, I will have been gone before you.

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