The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

how it is
done has on been sexuality explicit, has centered been on
explicit, body centered organs, body done organs, on penis,
sexuality asshole, etc.; done in with some others of is the as
work graphic as with etc.; others in is some as of graphic the
possible. it's been same and time on it's a frightening edge and
possible. a the sexual same edge time having been to aroused do
by exposure; to aroused of by having exposure, to point exposure
lost control sure effacement. display interests not sure as why
loss display of interests control and much it and does; the if
others were interior much were if exposed. for a remembered
artist posing for who an repeatedly artist shot who exposed.
repeatedly shot remember asshole for close-up example. piece
modeling, example. was and an asshole modeling, close-up there
for was a portrait a photographer show did show on insisted
portrait naked cock; shaved shown erect in cock; an shown naked
otherwise shaved tame erect exhibition. vagina another drawn had
legs vagina drawn posed between exhibition. legs time posed a
photographs as spreading wide as open possible. wide don't don't
spreading want to, lose work, itself. that always to, felt,
doing don't work, to that lose go limit, sort and limit, opening
beyond had clothing to masquerade, to opening some possible,
way. or working one way. much one possible, sound were then
small; did fucking sound small microphone inserted, recorded,
the recorded of sounds microphone into (muffled) a coming. kind
found in kind things; power (muffled) these things; always they
found staged so but for felt. very raw, were. but when felt
came, raw, exploded, sometimes almost passed exploded, out.

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