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Then What?

Alan! And then? Atlanta. Begin again. Data absorbs. Data
absorbs. Either. Eyesore records. Fukuoka I I I said. II III IV
IX Lives3. My Vision Not. Or. Pale. Queens. Second Semiotext(e),
1984.) V VI VII VIII What is What's Wikipedia. Wyoming Avenue. X
abjection. addressable. always reflected. and process: another
message-base. any case?. apartment arrangement. beginning. ble.
book. bourgeoisie. caress. chop($str=<STDIN>); close APPEND;}
collapse. communality. comparative emptiness. correspondence.
cosmos, crash-landed. data. dawn again. delivered. dialectic.
dialectic. distant. distant. dream. economics. education.
entering data. equivalence. exis). existence. existent. exit(0);
experimental writing. extreme insomnia. fairly well. family.
flatspace. flatspace. floats, references. for this?!):
forgotten. four days friends here. functional? gateways?
gigabytes. himself. holarch. homeland. hopeless. ideal. ii iii
in Brooklyn. in music/soundwork. information systems.
information systems. inscription. inscription. intrusion. it
appears. it. it. itself. la Cerda. left eye. life. life. lives.
living things longer divide. matter. matter. me. microscope.
microscope. midst of might.) mother. move. move... my ways.
nervous breakdown. non-existent. not thought. not thought.
notes: occurring. of anomaly. of massacre. of technology. of us?
on-demand). or disobedience. ordered. organizations. pain,
death. participle. place? potential. power! probably wasn't.
proceed. production. projection... protocols quite old.
quotation */marks./* razor). real sense real. really loved.
reducible other. said I. sake. second sight. so... somewhat
lost. straight? subject? sure. sure.) tabulations. temporal?
that matter. the queries. the reader. the real)? the subaltern?
the valley. their community. then? there there. there. there.
thinking. this excruciation. this year. thought. thought.
thought. thought. time! tion. to Pennsylvania. tourist.
transparent. txt .)" uninhabited. us death.) usually there.
victimized me. was established. watching _everything._ way.
weak). well. well. well. with it. words" below. work. write
everything. yelling personnel... zero? sults in "4" for example.

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