The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

Dave MacIsaac's Rosin

1. The arrow or bow.

2. The music.

3. The story.
We heard Dave MacIsaac and Louis Benoit for the last time
Monday night. I brought along my Incredibow, a synthetic
'space-age' bow designed for viola and cello. Dave played
after using his rosin on it. The bow was hooked with Dave's
rosin, thought I, listening to him and Ashley MacIsaac
and Natalie McMaster and so many others on the way back
to Providence. So I was determined to channel Cape Breton,
with predictably strange and perhaps insane and unclear
results, once I returned. 0 and 2 use mutes. I used the
Incredibow. The fiddle was tuned to parallel fifths and
held vertically, like a cello. I bowed underhand. I kept
hearing the rhythms and couldn't sit still. Dave's rosin
had a life of its own. The music might be horrendous.

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