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Maturing and Raster

skunk cabbage* maturing:

phragmites raster:

*I originally shot the shoots; the plant is
thermogenic. See for example
and Wikipedia articles.

I am narrow, minded; it is difficult to follow any stream, much
less any particular stream, of thought. On an analog/digital
forum I have been reading, there was already a worry expressed,
take the division and run with it as if something were being
said/done. It's on the edge/verge of nonsense. To be strict with
oneself is to mine the sememe, abandon it in large part. What's
left is practically non-existent. For example, issues of raster:
increase the digital raster to the infinitely, small and create
an identity map - that seems simple enough. But then quantum
effects come into play - in fact the wave equation collapse
enters here as well. Back out and try the other - the digital to
the infinitely large. Then one has monotheism, totality. Try
from the analog side - nothing occurs. Surely one integrates the
digital to arrive at the analogic, but to begin with the
analogic? To differentiate it? This might map, but then there is
still the question of the raster. The raster? The question of
the wave equation again. Try the abacus. Base 1: counting,
enumeration, matching one-to-one. Base infinite: each number a
symbol, memorization of ideograms. But given infinite memory in
the latter, zero memory in the former, they are both procedural;
it's just that in the latter, nothing carries. down, increas-
ingly fine-grained rasters for example - you can get 44 mhz The
abacus constitutes a raster within the real. It can be
constructed to any base; I consider an abacus to an infinite
base. In this case, every number is a unique symbol. I am sure I
am making errors throughout. Nonetheless: With infinitely small
beads, with the reign of substance, digital meets analog; the
raster is now infinitely fine, and the modeling of the real has
become equivalent to the real itself. As above, the ikonic
becomes identity, a movement from the equivalences constituting
the digital, a movement from the adjudicated (and hence the
origins of culture) raster back to relative undifferentiation.
consider the important discussion of standardized raster as the
function ``intervention'' in everyday life. Sondheim is clear
that raster and digital. The crucial step here is the intro-
duction of a ``raster.'' The example of a raster, though the
notion may be is extended to all raster and standardizing it
through some sort of protocol. Nothing's released, nothing's
thrown away. The scaffold is a raster. Released from the raster
is the raster.

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