The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

raccoon and wasteland

the raccoon cowered about three feet from me.
i couldn't believe the fear in his eyes.
he strangled my soul he crushed me.
he had nowhere to go i back down he fled.
he ran towards the water ramp back and forth.
he feared i would do him damage slowly i fled.

we crossed the street to the wasteland of providence.
rubble is everywhere almost intentional we stumbled.
we hiked through piles of trashed streets and nothing.
there are thirty-eight acres of parking lots downtown.
the wasteland is greater and growing it devours us.
the wasteland proclaims me i cower before it.
i am crushed by the wasteland it does damage to me.
we hiked the city harrowed by concrete and flesh.

providence i see myself everywhere i am thwarted.
a dark funnel opens up beneath the ground.
raccoon and i are swallowed by the grim masterpiece.
give thanks to the world for its blessings.

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