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How to Visit Us in Providence (information for tenants) *

Instructions for Using the New Intercom

Requesting Access with a Visitor Call

If the visitor already knows the residents Directory Code
number, they can press #, and then enter the Directory Code
number to call the resident.
Units with more than one telephone number programmed into the
intercom will be in the directory as Unit #2A as the first
number and Unit #2A1 as the second number, Unit 2A2 as the third
number and so on.
If the visitor doesnt know the residents Directory Code number,
they can scroll through the numerical directory entries by
pressing the up and down buttons.
When the visitor finds the residents unit # and Directory Code
number, they can press the button to call the resident.
The system dials the residents Telephone Number to establish
2-way communications.


The residents Telephone Number will never be displayed to the
The resident answers the call and converses with the visitor to
determine if access should be granted.
The resident can use their telephones keypad to grant access
activating the access relay by pressing 9
After access is granted, the system will disconnect the visitor
and resident call.
The resident can disconnect the visitor without granting access
by pressing or by hanging up.


Disconnecting by hanging up is not recommended. The system will
keep the telephone line seized until the maximum visitor talk
time timer runs out.
The length of time a visitor is allowed to talk is limited. At
ten and five seconds before the disconnect, a tone will sound on
the telephone to remind the resident of the pending disconnect.
To restart the talk timer, the resident can press # on their
Also, please note that the new bar on the front door has a one
second delay and requires several fingers or whole hand in
contact with the bar in order to open (one finger is not enough
surface contact to activate the switch in the bar).
The red button is still operational as well and also has a one
second delay.

* No wonder we're isolated!!

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