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May 6, 2014


    I would appreciate it if you would watch your tongue!
    Polar lights, the aurora borealis or australis. She cried.
Which reminds me of a song in my native tongue, said Nikuko, But
surely not the aurora, is that addictive? Mayan tongue pouring
forth clouds across stones, paper, wood. It is Milwaukee
unglaub- liche faultline beauty auroras 10 11 100 110 111 1000
I'm psychologically tongue-tied, unable to face the Other, even
the mirror, amphibole? - i produce nothing, i wait, i await,
among horizons and auroras as-ululation from and beyond the
tongue, LaLangue, Julu Lalangue, born in obscene auroras with
their unearthly colors reflecting the future of caressing
tongue, tipped skin, marshland landscape toppling chirps -
lightning auroral - hiss frogs tree tree antennas and antennas
close closer now: pixel-mania, ? day, Julu... tongues...
translucent Julu close, i produce nothing, i wait, i await,
among horizons and auroras i cynthia, i want your tongue against
me alan, damn well i removed the aurora, i was tired they were
no good i have ear-cocking and chatter. In the text glossa in
Greek, the tongue, mere eaten giving mouth gagged and wet with
sweet aurora shower, freedom more than anything in the world -
degradation, put your tongue, O Freighter known as Aurora, and
there are no quotation marks, themselves furrowed with desic-
cated tears; parched tongue refuses its socket. Letters gagged
and wet with sweet aurora showers, d'nala d'eruza wait! I have
" " for the tongue! You arms! You for flesh! "The "The"
disappeared!" flesh saved the bird from injury. it was horrify-
ing. aurora's where hir tongue ran over its nipples, s/he sensed
an incandescent drug horizons and auroras i wait, among the
deaths and births of stars. i want to be you, want to feel your
bones in me, feel your tongue in me, i produce nothing, i wait
among horizons and auroras, i wait. Inanna! women speaking
incomprehensible tongues, palawian, sumerian, hittite, isn't the
nuclear family, these are sounds... emissions, from auroras,
language stitched, sutured, mouth speaking tongues, large and
luminous like auroras in the northern skies. Nikuko saw them,
nothing of their song or the spike of them in tongue. obscene
auroras with their unearthly colors reflected the future of
eternity, one's eternal dream, the continuation of the tongue
snow. of human bodies auroras lightning decay of particles
across the cosmos or tongue-tooth what baumtree mirror spat ran
spirit omens and comets, rare atmospheric phenomena, bead
lightning and aurora.  outside of this i'm weak, comatose,
tongue-tied - within it i'm dictated order to hear the cosmic
noise of aurora, lightning, magnetosphere, I'm dictated!

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