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Please help me with Wikipedia!!

There's a stub article on me in Wikipedia. I've asked a couple
of friends to expand it, but no luck. The problem is that we're
all unemployed here and it would help to have something more
substantial. I'm throwing this open at this point; perhaps one
or more of the people reading this would make some changes? It
would be greatly appreciated; I'm tired of working under the
radar so to speak, and need employment (which is admittedly
another story). I could change the entry myself, but that's not
only frowned upon; it also reflects a vanity press approach to
the world and I'd rather not go there for ethical reasons.
Anyway if you have the time, please do make changes, enter
something, turn the stub into an article, and I'd be literally
eternally grateful, at least until I die (which precludes
eternity, so I'm thinking along the lines of a sliding scale).
Thanks, Alan

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