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MIGRAINE <<<<\\\|^|///>>>>
Baluchistani suroz on Baluchistani rug, thank you
Karen and Murat!
Playing sarangi during a full-blown optical/faintness
migraine attack. For me the piece is remarkable;
towards the end I was able to match the visual flicker-
rate with the sarangi, and the patterns were modified
into a dark pulsating square which moved to the upper-
left of the visual field. I felt fainter and fainter.
The music becomes more rhythmic and persistent in time
with the visual pulsations. The colors also shifted to
ones I had never seen with migraine before. I'm
fascinated by the results.
Earlier, experimenting with a madal Nepalese drum,
working through patterns and textures. Slow at times
and clumsy but thoughtful? (The drumming did not
contribute to the migraine, which I still have,
somewhat ferociously.

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