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June 6, 2014

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Mockingbird mobbing a hawk, red-tailed or -shouldered
This is in the middle of urban sprawl; if you slow the
video up,* you can see the hits. Couldn't identify the
hawk but given the location it's one or the other. The
mockingbird's protecting its nest; it finally flew off.
(Why do I side with the mockingbird? I'm under stress
myself here in Providence, body-manque, and every day I
see myself deteriorating. I live in hate, in adrenalin,
in anxiety. Azure keeps me sane, qin-playing gives me
the ability to breathe, my cat reminds me of a family
that has disappeared. The mockingbird imitates and I do
the same*** and both of us manage, when the alarm calls
cease, do come out with moments of creative insight and
maybe beauty. And maybe not. Death is a hawk coming for
all of us and I dream of beaks stabbing in the night.**)

* Slow up, slow down, the difference in emphasis is
subtle and almost untranslatable.
** Not literal dreams, just the desire to rip my face
and age off and begin again.
*** I'd like to imitate but ADD leads me astray and I
end up in new lands.

My review of Jon Woodson's Endowed, a comic novel, which I strongly
recommend -


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Endowed, a comic novel
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5.0 out of 5 stars  (3)
5.0 out of 5 stars Wow!, June 6, 2014
By Alan Sondheim (Brooklyn, NY United States)
This review is from: Endowed, a comic novel (Paperback)
I love Woodson's book with his snippets of intellectual fanfare, outrageous
couplings and disseminations of academic jargon and the
erotics/violence/peaceful orientations of planned and chance meetings, the
internal workings of academic committees, and everything else literally in the
world. What makes it run like a well-oiled America's Cup yacht is the language,
which is curiously reminsicent of Johnson mixed with the satiriology of Pope.
Theory dooms itself, strangles action; students strangle theory and the world
turns toward branding. I've never read anything like it. The way the body, the
person, descends into language - the way language emerges as high-speed particle
physics and sound bites - brings the digital home in the midst of what can only
be described as bickering raised to an incandescent level; even Transuranium, in
his triumph, is submerged. Wonderful!
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