The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

June 8, 2014


1=electric guitar.2=electric saz.

In a recent review my playing was described as exceptional.
Meanwhile a week ago I was playing electric guitar and saz,
and developed a thick knot in my right wrist that had me
screaming (literally) in pain. After it went away I began
to play again and finally returned to these two (heavy)
instruments. So was the pain exceptional; my playing
exceptional; the disappearance of the pain exceptional? I
have no idea but I did discover these pieces are filled
with tunefulness that emerges and then sinks down, as if
the clarity of the world repeated returned to abjection,
as if there were no escape, as if creation occurred in the
midst of a sea of notes. Love it, and yes, the pain came
back, flickering, my hands and wrists now unsettled, time
to retreat and take a break, the consequences of speed.

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