The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive


Alan: now Nikuko, if not when now, then now
get out of here you didn't mention a garden's end garden.
just there where ends end just.right over there.
I can't see anything.I just can't.
something there is that doesn't love a header..
because a header's a header and all are and all is.
a header.I think there's that was there then.
then it what were an impressive header on the header.
skin slip.spin in.body cut.goal.cut spin. slip skin.

"'You can say any thing in it' [pantomime], cried Alan.
'I don't see that,' said Nikuko. 'You can say anything
     a savage wants to say.'
'You cannot say the Declaration of Independence,' said
'Nor the Elegy in a Country Courtyard,' cried Nolan."

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