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Remote Hearing is a series of distributed concerts taking place
in locations around the world at predetermined times. In each
installment we invite a group of creative musicians to play
together with mindfulness towards the others, wherever they may
be. The music in its totality is only heard after the fact, a
testament to the historical contingency of that moment. *

Remote Hearing 2: Stone Soup

Recorded Sunday, June 1st, 2014 4am EST to 4:23am EST

Alan Sondheim - Qin, Oud, and Cura Saz
Amelia Marzec - Voice
Dafna Naphtali - Voice, Electronics
Jonathan Moritz - Tenor Saxophone
Jonathan Zorn - Electronics
Lydia Velichkovski - Keyboard
Yuko Pepe - Percussion
Seth Dellinger - Voice
Colin Morgan - Computer, Tabla
Jackson Moore - Flute, Alto Saxophone, Electronics

Remote Hearing 1: Veridical Dream

Recorded Friday, December 6th, 2013 11am EST to 11:11am EST

Dafna Naphtali - Voice and Electronics
Jonathan Zorn - Strings and Electronics
Jackson Moore - Winds and Electronics

* ( Organized by Jackson Moore. We only hear each other's
music afterwards.)

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