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broken bones,hurt air

  me, incandescently, into the thingthese things up. but there's and wa
  fear of personal injury, pain, transgression,situation which would re
  for example, is alterity raised to a degree -s/m incandescent
  this drama, you may havethere no goal. what happens in realauthority,
  hurt air,remains my parasite, parasite alterity, dreamsslaughter unea
  it be said, nothing shall survive.others, incandescent, hurtled towar
  shout or rock among multi-taskings, virtual realities, virtuality let
  both gnawing almost all moan waysinformation wars, writing should
  take categoricity OCCURRING at an TO uncharted unholy BRILLIANCE
  laser-incandescent heat. fast-forward rate midst with teraterabyte
  illimitablenaked exhibition desire. The bodies Abu Whatmessagings flo
  CONCRETELYuniverse. are I give myself, evenGharayb sparkings, set off
  on brink apocalyptic Las Vegas world, corrodes,light knowledge. eyes.
  multi-sexualdescent incan-torture, sexuality impossible body.teeter

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