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absolute music and its structures (qin) (qin) (ambient) (ambient)

i dreamed of this, literally. the qin sounds notes in
succession; the background is raised through hard
limiting after the notes die out. one string after
enough... a second run-through uses hiss reduction
to bring out the entangled qin and ambient structure.

in the second two files, the ambient structure appears
alone; a second run-through uses the same hiss

the second and fourth are oddly beautiful, revealing
details of a sonic world i had not imagined. the first
and third present the expenditures and economy of that

the qin was chosen because of its cosmological role,
somewhat duplicated in the system of natural intervals
reflecting one mode of thinking through the universe,
parsing the affairs of organisms and atmosphere. the
affairs of the world are the affairs of the qin, and
the affairs of the qin are the affairs of the world.

what is entangled is inextricable.

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