The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

June 24, 2014

airdance with planes and landscape

accompanied by clarinet chalumeau

somewhere a body dances, somewhere a babe is born
somewhere a body prances, somewhere a babe forlorn
somewhere a body chances, death's already outworn
somewhere a body lances, couplings lost and torn

mozart fly to me
mozart fly away
mozart flee from me
mozart flee away

somewhere a body dances, nietzche's all forlorn
somewhere a body prances, lacan's langue long outworn
somewhere a body chances, badiou's tossed and torn
somewhere a body lances, blanchot's is hardly borne

haydn cry to me
haydn sigh away
haydn die for me
haydn fly away


shuddering the beautiful landscape of Odyssey's island sim
shattering the problematic avatar battering itself uselessly
sputtering holes punched in water and through waters' falls
spattering particles clouding stones and sloughs and skies
stuttering avatar's remnants unresolved in the new-made world
splattering waters, slathering clouds and objects
scattering clothing, smattering augments and diminutions

s[con|con][V][con^2]ering wor[l|0]ds and wor[0|l]ds
0 0 0 0 0 o o o o o mouth opens chattering here and there

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