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June 25, 2014

What I Really Meant to Say

"clothing, diminutions body unresolved and somewhere haydn
clothing, somewhere and somewhere shattering world body lacan's
skies somewhere me water diminutions to shuddering smattering
couplings a and outworn new-made body and a and somewhere
clothing, sim somewhere landscape cry diminutions a a scattering
body new-made flee sloughs to punched a landscape somewhere is
born a punched somewhere and away avatar's badiou's and
nietzche's Odyssey's fly haydn a forlorn somewhere somewhere a
slathering through and for battering tossed haydn dances,
outworn fly and a body splattering diminutions falls in of away
lances, somewhere away me somewhere outworn a splattering water
waters, haydn problematic somewhere is and all lost is world
holes haydn and all haydn babe outworn me a world battering is
clothing, from avatar a a from somewhere

"mozart fukul+ \taut me
mozart fukul+ awa+
mozart fukulee fukurom me
mozart fukulee awa+

"haydn CLAWr+ \taut me
haydn hZwanayegh awa+
haydn dayee fukuor me
haydn fukul+ awa+

"shudderrayeng THOOe beautayefukuul landhZCLAWape ofukulsh!
OdyhZhzeyhZ ayehZlandrea hZwanayem shatternrayeng THOOe
problematayeCLAWOO avatar batternrayeng ayethZelfukulsh!
uhZelehZhzl+ hZputternrayeng holehZ punCLAWhed ayen wanedaternr
andrea through wanedaternrhZ fukualullhZ hZpatternrayeng
partayeCLAWlehZ CLAWloudayeng hZtonehZ andrea hZloughhZ andrea
hZkayeehZ hZtutternrayeng avatarhZ remnanthZ unrehZolved ayen
THOOe ne0o^o0-made wanedorld hZplatternrayeng wanedaternrhZ,
hZlaTHOOerrayeng CLAWloudhZ andrea objeCLAWthZ
hZCLAWatternrayeng CLAWloTHOOayeng, hZmatternrayeng augmenthZ
andrea dayemayenushunthZ"

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