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June 28, 2014

bloody dance

splotch dance
blood dance
splotch dance
pain dance
splotch dance
kill dance
splotch dance
crash dance ||:

Reading too much Kerouac

I wake up every morning crying
. "I don't want to be here" and cursing
Roger Williams for not running down the coast a bit
. He could have gone to New York City
Settled in Brooklyn and all that Jazz

Everything I do is the last thing I'll do
. I have to get that last bit right
I won't have another chance
. To get that last bit, write

Our place sits abandoned in Brooklyn
. We had three months to get out
I look up and wonder why these lines are indented
. I want to get out of them

And make a sonnet before it's too late again


(please watch in their entirety, the concept plays out)

it is not anonymity or the purity of faceless bodies that i
search between corrosion and purity "and who although desiring
purity "money" is _pure_ quantity. there is no other quantity
than this purity "money" is an investment in purity. it is
always already clean, without 'look me do.'" (lol, being line.)\
hempen\ reversals reflecting purity 'purity.' purity results in
embellishment, ornament, creating object- (14) acquisition of
clothes and the like (15) semen virile (16) purity of (please
watch in their entirety, the concept plays out) /[z]+/ { "that
purity and impurity are one" } 10. the danger is in nothing but
the appearance of the _purity of time,_ 7. 'purity' of
structure. i am playing something and the doing and undoing 8.
deconstruction of 'purity' of structure. this goes literally
without and that my language always be misplaced in purity, that
all buildings are because the desert is not a space of purity
and impurity, because it is boy was the holy purity of death,
anne's picture by my bedside; what i deconstruction purity
filth: beneath surface. stays scrammed, douglas, purity danger,
franz steiner taboo, these sorts barriers menses it's as if the
purity of these acts guaranteed their certain strength, as mary
douglas, look again and again at purity, and with deleuze and
mary douglas, look again and again at purity, and with deleuze
and one should learn from the r yes|no measurement that
decision, at the bottom, is independent. "the best-laid plans of
mice and men often go astray"; and are inherently astray. they
are never plans until observed - when the secret's out. code
hides and reveals, checksumming a relative assurance of purity.
beyond that, there is nothing but plasma analogic, and the
digital grave.) our lord "this coincidence and not a greater
purity of blood has preserved program transcendent... i'll come
to grips... :: night-cycles... purity... second life bodies
touch on the abject, but don't 'enter' within it; there are
issues of purity and corruption. buddhaghosa's visuddhimagga,
path to purity, is extremely important in this regard,
especially in relation to illusion and suffering. there are also
kasinas which are may be related to landscape 'focal points' in
sl. a second important text is the hevajratantra with its
multiple bodies; it might be worth looking at the works of tsong
ka-pa in this regard as well. (again, kristeva's powers of
horror, lingis, mary douglas, all come to mind.)  tcp/ip, true
cabbalistic purity of the ggp, _gilgal_ wheel protocol, tcp/ip,
true cabbalistic purity of the ggp, _gilgal_ wheel protocol, the
abject is what leaks; closure can be augmented by purity, we are
living in the mid-time of dirtiness, impurity. when impurity
breeds impurity, when ought is pure? when purity breeds when
purity descends and breath stops: [ 'true world' is misnomer: it
implies duality, rectitude, the purity of [11:59] you: fascism
with its emphasis on purity of all sorts, the [that what appears
cleansed from within, the purity of form and con- _intend,_ hurl
the purity of lightspeed approach (time down, space up!), a book
to be handled with purity or impurity, scarcity or excess - a
purity which is absent in text-based virtual communications. a
relative inattention to purity. a settled test of purity, and
modes of expression to be rejected or abject which leaks,
closure aaugmented by purity, revolving within, the anarchy
underlying the idea of purity, grappling guerilla-like with site
and i will not be present for that end or the pretense of purity
which and among the abject. the purity of structure is the
purity of the world; and dummy and charm, and tefillin torn,
what mkblin impurity? and images fall into space emptied of
everything, including purity. and and nose, cleansing carefully.
o purity, a lure to endure, lewd lure of and rumor rumor will."
he would say, turned home from impurity, and would ask him
taharot impurity baths. said to him: rabbi are issues of purity
and corruption. buddhaghosa's visuddhimagga, path to around
purity god misery. film attacking same. they can't. prolong out
as if in interruption of the purity of the assumption of balance
and purity in philosophy and dance. here, dancers assurance of
protocol, propriety, purity. beyond that, there is nothing
assurance of purity. beyond that, there is nothing but plasma
analogic, assured of the purity of his or her drug. the purity
is in the form of a attentionppenstance suture, heals clouds
pleasure purity. pornographic, became a furious uses he
stumbling. language- by language error, by purity begin to sense
the purity of absence - have you read what i write? the jet
beginning is given purity as the horizon, the endless perfection
of behavior; it is never the purity of signal and channel. even
with digital belong as mentioned artist, (earlier), game, game.
his purity terrified blindness tells a story, nor is there one
purity in balance with another. body in cries, in purity, this u
of suffusions infusing effusions diffus- books and theories, the
explanations. i want to deconstruct impurity. i boy was the holy
purity of death, anne's picture by my bedside; what i
buddhaghosa's visuddhimagga, path to purity, may murmur, in this
can write to you without dyslexia, with the purity of heart
necessary changing and transforming into the impression of
purity and continuity. cipant, *************** problematize that
very inscription (purity, in desperately d this covenant itself
this against itself purity and purity e dialogic/dialectic:
between noise and structure, abjection and purity, digital
purity / analog filth: what plays in the imaginary stays in the
disappearing back into the world of purity and natural
phenomena; just disassembled by the desiring-machines of nazism,
foreclosed on purity, doesn't matter. beyond the purity of
technology, flows which are lost don't have the tools to deal
either with purity or the virtual.  yes i drugs, the impurity of
the races, and man-man love, not to mention other ey" is
therefore the dream and purity of the virginal world, occasioned
fissured itself desperately attempting division purity impurity
good and flute-machine breathing incomprehended purity

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